Hi just wondering if anyone has any suggestions / ideas about how to deal with this one poor chicken. She is a standard brown shaver, i have 18 in total, but this one has lost all of her feathers around her butt.

 She seems fine, eating and drinking and generally seems fine. She isn't getting pecked on either, well not that i can see.

 Should i seperate her from the rest of the crop?

 Also they have been given a dose of that cider vinegar stuff in their drinking water.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Sean,

Sorry I can't help but one of my shavers has the same problem, so I'll be very interested to hear if anyone has any thoughts.

My girl has been bald underneath for ages, in fact she looked kind of mangy when I got her a couple of years ago, so I called her "Specky." Lately she's become "Specky Baldy Bum". Over time she's also started to lose feathers on the tops of her wings and around the neck, but still eats and drinks fine, and has been laying right up until the last couple of weeks sometime. I separated her for a while (weeks, a while ago now) but saw no difference, and none of the others have gone the same way, so it can't be contagious, and it can't be mites, they all sleep in the same place!

This has been going on for months and months now, my friends who know about chickens don't seem to know what it is, I'm concerned because the areas where the feathers are going missing are quite red now, that and the fact she seems to have stopped laying.

My initial thought was that most of my girls seem to sleep sitting down rather than roosting, and they seem to happily sit in their poo, so I thought she might be getting a burnt bum from the acidity/ammonia of the poo, but even when I clean out the sleeping area several times a week she still doesn't improve, so..... I'm at a loss!!

I have tried the vinegar thing, and I've also tried randomly feeding Comfrey - any other nice things anyone can think of that might help a poor bald chooky heal?
Cool thanks heaps! ill try to find out more!
ok so a chicken expert just told me that the chook with no feathers on her butt is just getting pecked on because she is a slow runner, and should be let run by herself each day to gain speed, so she is fast!
And the feathers will grow back!



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