Every year I grow one or two varieties of sauce/past tomatoes.  This year I am growing Viva Italia Hybrid.  As the tomatoes get close to being ripe, I bring them indoors to finish (sparrows keep knocking some to the ground).  After a thorough washing and drying, I let them complete their ripening by putting the, into a brown paper bag, and just clipping the top closed.  When ripe, place your tomatoes on a baking sheet that's been covered with parchment or wax paper.  Place the tomatoes on the sheet and put them into the freezer.  Once they've frozen, you can put them in freezer bags or containers.  When you're making a favorite sauce or stew that requires tomatoes, first place the frozen tomatoes into hot water so the skins will come off easily.  You can then slice or dice tomatoes into whatever size you desire and add to your recipe.  Frozen tomatoes will not work as sliced tomatoes in a salad...they are just for cooking.

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Gyda, Do you have a recipe for "Green tomato Salsa"? I would like to can it also.



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