What to do with the seasonal harvests and how to preserve it. Add your recipe below.
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  • One thing I do with an excess of fresh herbs is to make small packets of bouquet garnis (ie just a handful of fresh mixed herbs) chopped finely, wrapped in foil or brown paper, then pop into freezer. So, when it's time to make your ragu or sugo you can just reach for a packet from the freezer and drop it straight into the pot, and you always have stock year round.
  • I was out all day at the Ooooby Store. You could call and see if anyone is home - 8737, or I could leave them in the downstairs kitchen if you wanted to drop by for them. Sorry I only just got your note now.
  • love to James, could come up around 11?
  • Christy I have almost 4 buckets of plums I picked yesterday. I will be working hard on the Ooooby Store opening this we3ek, but was hoping to find time today to make plum preserves. If you wanted to pick up the plums from home (today would be best as they will ripen fast!), and offer back a jar or two I would be delighted.
  • hi there, i have loads of basil too at the moment, it sually goes with anything tomatoey except my toms aren't ready yet.... i usually make up large batches of pesto, minus the cheese, and freeze in ice cube trays (add cheese when defrosted). electra you're welcome to come round and harvest some basil for pesto if you're in the neighbourhood... ph me on 2220 if you want to make sure i'm home
  • Thanks. Any ideas with what to do with all the basil I have would be much appreciated!
  • What a great idea Annette! I'm sure your website will attract quite a lot of people. I certainly could do with some inspiration to make the most of cooking with seasonal vegetables.
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Pesto Recipe

This recipe is a fusion of three recipes I found for pesto.  It proved a rewarding way to consume the basil, parsley and insane yield of rocket that grew this year.  Adjust quantities to suit. Ingredients: 2 large bunches of rocket 1 large bunch each of basil and parsley 4 cloves of garlic 1/2 cup cashew nuts 1/3 cup olive oil 1/2 cup parmesan cheese, grated grated rind and juice of a lemon salt and pepper to taste Method: Toast cashew nuts gently in frying pan. Place rocket, basil, parsley,…

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Pear & Ginger Jam

Ingredients: 1-2 lemons 1 kg pears 500g apples 125g preserved ginger 1 kg sugar NB: Can save lemon and apple skins, tie in muslin bag and cook with jam to add flavour and aid setting Method: Juice the lemons (1/3cup juice), chop the ginger, dice the peeled and cored apples. Combine fruit, lemon juice and sugar in pan. Cook whilst stirring till sugar dissolves (add lemon and apple peelings now). Rapid boil (rolling boil) for 15mins. Test jam - boil 5mins more if necessary. Pour jam into hot…

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Grape juice

Anyone got grapes comming out ears??? heres an idea. I make grape consintrate for my kids and they love it. Its soooo easy. Wash grapes {take off stem if like} and squish with ya hands till all broken. Place in large pot and bring to boil for bout 5 mins, strain through colinder then fine sieve, Tip juice back into pot with sugar {to taste} I make pretty sweet as its watered down when you drink anyway. Bring back to boil for bout nother 5 mins, make sure to skim skum off top an bottle hot into…

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