I love foraging and gathering, whether it be mushrooms plums apples rosehips blackberries wild figs, Even sneakily shaking a forgotten Olive. Anyone want to share info!
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  • just did heaps of roadside apple trees plus rose hips in central Otago. Have been juicing and made rose hip/apple jelly jam

  • does anyone know any trees on side of road in southland?

  • Hey thanx Johanna! I will check it out!

  • HI Emily - if you are on Facebook you could join the Manawatu Urban Foraging group. That is a mine of information.

  • Hi guys, does anyone know if there are places in the Manawatu (preferably Palmerston North) where i could pick berries/fruit?

  • We live at Hautapu just out of Cambrige, If you want to come pick Blackberries.

  • Hi everyone, does anyone know of anywhere I can safely(not sprayed) forage blackberries in the Hamilton area?

  • Who is around here this days?

  • Welcome and Merry Christmas Rick to all your family!!

    We certainly do have Elderberry and stinging nettle. My neighbour has a back yard full of them our Red Admiral Butterfly lay there larvae on them (like Monarchs lay on Swan Plants) You will more thn likely find elderberry in flower over that way right now, unless of course it has flowered earlier than here which is the Rangitikei lower North Island. You'll find if youpost on ooooby for the area you are someone will advise their whereabouts.

  • Hi Just joined and emigrated with the family from the UK.  We used to forage quite a bit back home and wondered if you had Elderflower and stinging nettles her in NZ?  Great for wine / cordial and nettle beer.


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