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Angelica, bergamot, borage, feverfew, self-heal, chamomile, epazote, scullcap, peppermint, calendula, lavender, marshmallow, buckwheat, oats, cape gooseberry, sorrel, and hopefully more soon. Am also encouraging the naturally growing puha, chickweed, wild turnip, onionweed, dandelion etc. Maybe I should add that 'grow' is a bit of an overstatement for a few of the above things - the broad beans, cabbages and roses are all doing pretty badly at the moment!

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  • Ok then, I'll keep them for you,( fished one out of the firelighting pile just in time lol)...I will mention though that if he wants to learn to cook, its probably going to be dissapointing as they waffle on about food groups and nutrients there is one practical cooking activity in each set which you have to decide on the recipe yourself and do a time plan for cooking it, my son says its a bit boring but he wants easy credits. He learns more from watching masterchef probably, having said that they are apparently revamping the level2 course next year to include more practical activities. This is kind of OT so I'll stop now...now if you want any seeds email me, I even have a little bit of native celery seed I gathered from under the cliffs where the shags nest here, no surprise why the maori called it Tutaekoau!
  • HI Johanna, so glad you made contact :) I 'knew' you from lurking on the RUA e-mail list actually. I could send you some of the booklets from correspondence school to take a look at if you like, I'll email you soon.
  • HI Johanna, I enjoyed listening to an interview you did once on national radio and love your blog, just wondering if you'd take a look at this discussion here and would you mind putting a link to your blog there? https://ooooby.ning.com/group/ediblenewzealandnatives/forum/topics/r...
  • Hey Johanna! Well yeh there may be other M's but I'm the original, organic, NZ made one lol. Nice to see a familiar face here! :)
  • good luck with ur garden i hope the broad beans,cabbages and roses are surviving?
  • That would be Katherine who came up with the acronym. I came up with Oooog. Out of our own Garden... but Kat trumped it with Ooooby.
  • Ah Joanna - you found us :-) Yes, please do put a pic of your visage here when you can, it really helps make the whole network real for everyone. It's going off!
  • Welcome Johanna. Thanks for joining. Hope you like the vibe here. It would be great to see your picture up in your profile.
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