One of my favorites to make involves children (of any size or age), pine cones, peanut butter and suet, and bird seed... and something to hang the bird feeder up like a wire loop. 
I heat the peanut butter and suet to a smooth consistency, when cool enough to handle roll the pine cones in the goo mixture. Then roll in bird feed (sometimes I add raisins also) and chill to set. Once firm attach the hanger and hang from the tree of choice. I use string from the limb to the pine cone. 
They look festive and are a circus to watch the birds on. Great joy in children learning that they can not only feed the birds but cook for them too.

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This is an excellent idea and would be fun to share with grandchildren! I'll need to try this...and with so many pine trees around, I won't be lacking for the cones. My garage stays really cool in the winter, so I can just set the finished product down there on a cookie sheet or something...I have woodpeckers and flickers, and they'll love these for sure!

We also bought a small heated birdbath to set on the deck this winter...the birds really do appreciate fresh water! You can also find solar powered bird waterers...check out the Duncraft site, and perhaps your local feed and seed. I like the Duncraft products, and they have great sales...but, shipping from New Hampshire out to Washington State can be a bit pricey. I've found similar products locally.



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