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So a couple of weeks ago we planted out a tahitian lime, satsuma mandarin, and meyer lemon. They're spaced about 1.5 metres apart, and I've since realised that we were a bit over zealous and should have researched it first because they're probably too close. Plus apparently I shouldn't have lemon near the other two because of the danger of cross pollination and ending up with fruit full of seeds.

So, how far apart do you space your citrus? I'm finding people saying anywhere from 4m which is a bit of a worry! Should I move the lemon? I'm not even sure if the tahitian lime is citrus, but apparently it can be?

We've also done the same with some apples - a granny smith and braeburn. They've got about 2m between them but I get the impression that's too close too, but I'm not really finding any straight answers online. Help? :)


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I'm no expert on citrus but i would think they could still cross even at 100 m because aren't bees attracted to there flowers ??
I've got some plums and apples planted about 2 metres apart which fruit ok, although they do require a bit of pruning each year to keep them compact. If you're worried you could form your apples into a cordon or espalier. I haven't had much luck with citrus in our clay, but I've got a couple of lemons planted less than 2 metres apart which fruit well enough.
I have been told that a lemon in the garden will cause a mandarin to be less sweet. As I have never had fruit on my mandarin I can't confirm this, but I have an ugly fruit next to my grapefruit tree, and it tastes of grapefruit, but I don't care as the bees love visiting my garden when they bloom.


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