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Gardening & yard labour, Garden watering, Garden sitting, Poultry sitting, to be a gardening buddy, Food from my garden

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Buying Local Food, Selling Local Grown Food, Bartering Local Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, Helping Others, Seed Savers, Swapping Food, Eating Local Food

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I'm growing quite a few things this year... Too much for the small space I have really, but it's amazing what you can manage to fit into a relatively small outdoor area (in a rental) if you're creative about it! So far, we're growing: Tomatoes (various varieties), corn (various varieties, including popping corn), herbs (sage, chives, rosemary, parsley, dill, thyme, mint, basil), cucumbers (a couple of varieties), red onions, rhubarb, figs, garlic, bok choy, capsicums (various varieties), courgettes (cocozelle), lettuce (various varieties), pumpkins, strawberries, globe artichokes, aubergines, gherkins, spring onions, and watermelons. I'm growing as much as possible from heirloom seeds and am having lots of fun discovering all sorts of new (to me) and unusual vegetables to try!

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  • Hi Sonya, I turned off my email notifications for this group by mistake and didn't get your July 21 message until today! Thanks so much for your offer -I have sent you a private message.
  • Well, you have a busy garden. About the bucket tomatoes. I guess the buckets are quite big and I have plants in the top that stop a lot of the rain now. I don't water them enough for the water to drop out the bottom. I'd love to hear how you go with a cucumber!
  • Your photos of your garden are great. As we will be going into a rental soon you have given me some ideas on what to do. I know the feeling about soo many plants and sooo little room.
  • Thanks so much for a lovely afternoon and for the goodies. See you again soon.
  • hi, yes very happy to share the recipes. i can give you a starter for the sourdough. the other bread is a cheats sourdough as you use a tiny bit of yeast but let it brew for 12+ hours. give me a call next week and we'll arrange something. 2255
  • I'm glad you liked the book - if you want to 'dig deeper' with schemas, Anne Meade and PAm Cubey have written a second edition of Thinking CHildren - available through the NZCER, on their website.....Anne and I also did an interview with Kim Hill on 23rd MAy - that may also still be available on the Radio NZ website....I am a TOTAL schemas groupie...it just makes so much sense, and it is so powerful alongside Te Whaariki and when we consider learning dispositions.....I could soap box about that FOREVER.....Warm regards, Nikolien
  • Oops...hit add by accident! lol Yes, I think perhaps the fruit bins would maybe only last a couple of years. Going through the seeds catalogue, I had trouble deciding which varieties to select, as there are SO many! Perhaps we can swap experiences of which varieties worked or not.
  • Yes, I too have tried to get heirloom seeds where possible. Should be fun!
  • Hehe...I know the feeling. Because wanted to expand my growing repertoire, I have SO many different seeds arriving, it's gonna be interesting rotating the crops to make sure I can grow a little of everything. Good on you for having seeds already sown...well done. Thanks, I'll give the fruit bins some thought. I wonder how durable they are with soil in and constant damp. I don't necessarily have to have that particular height...but my back problem is the reason I decided to run with the no-dig concept. Besides, it fits well with organic, I feel.
  • Hi Sonya, many thanks for the welcome. Yes, I am looking forward to the larger garden I am planning this year. It's VERY exciting. The seed order should arrive in the next couple of days, and my friend and I will set to and organise our first sowings in trays. Thanks also for the tip on the fruit bins...I'll scout around. I'm hoping to come to the next group meeting, so perhaps we'll meet properly then. Cheers...Lynn
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