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  • ps, if anyone needs directions please call me on 07886 633328
  • Hi All,
    An invitation! We're looking for a final push to get the last vulnerable trees in at
    the MASTT (Marsden and Slaithwaite Tranisiton Towns) community orchard in
    Rocher, Slaithwaite, this Saturday, February 13 between 9.30am and 3pm.
    It's an opportunity for networking, learning, fresh air and exercise.
    The final 18 fruit trees will be planted. Lots of hard work has been done to create a station for each tree.
    Trees are to be delivered on Friday, so can you give your help and some
    Valentines TLC to give them a good start in life?
    Please wear warm clothes,waterproofs, strong footwear and bring
    something to drink + a spade if possible.
    See you there
  • Sorry for the late notice, but I'm not going to make it tonight. I'll be there next week though.
  • Are you back to weekly? Cannot do 26th as my partner is away and the two children need to be put to bed. Will the next one be 2nd February? can do 9th. Can tell you where our mentoring project has got to.
  • Hi all,
    Wishing you luck in getting the plot productive this year.
    Just wanted to let you know, I'm part of the MASTT growing group, which the Huddders oooby group may wish to join, especially when it has produce to sell to the Green Valley Grocer.
    There is a relevant film and and opportunity to meet the group on Monday Jan 25th at 7 in Marsden, for more detaials see the MASTT website at:
    And here is some more info about the film and another upcoming event, cut and pasted from a MASTT email:
    * We have high hopes for our events and projects in 2010, the year will be kick
    started with 'A Farm for the Future', an inspiring documentary from Rebecca
    Hoskings, screening at Marsden Mechanics Hall on Monday 25th January. This
    documentary focuses on how existing methods of farming cannot be carried forward
    in to the future due to the methods relying heavily on oil. This is event is
    FREE and will start at 7pm sharp, after the screening we will move to The New
    Inn to discuss the documentary over a couple of drinks.

    * The second event of 2010 will be 'Seedy Sunday', a seed swap for existing
    growers but a fantastic opportunity for those interested in starting to grow
    their own to come along and find out where to start. Experienced growers will be
    on hand to offer advice over a cup of tea. Bring your seeds to swap, take what
    you need and have a great time. Sunday 28th February 2010, further details to
    If you need more on any of this please get in touch with me or contact MASTT through the website.
  • Good stuff Pete,planning to get onions and leeks started off on warm windowsills this week.Back on the land at the weekend to do some work,hopefully weather will be kind.
    All the best mate
  • Ahh. The snow has melted and the oooobsters are coming out of hibernation. Have a great meeting guys. Wish I could be there with you all. I hope to back in the UK around July.
  • Next meeting in Deighton WMC on the 26th January,hoping for a good attendance.

    Cheers Jake
  • Hi folks. I was at the first meeting at the Media Centre, can't make tomorrow easily, when is the next one. I'm assuming these are the regular meets at Deighton club?

  • Yes Charlie see you tomorrow night.
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Community Growing Project

Having been to a meeting of the Huddersfield group I was surprised to see that there does not appear to be any information here about the exciting Community Growing project that the group is developing. So I've started this discussion thread to provide a start point for that. As someone who is interested to keep up with news and information about the project, but unable to get to many meetings, I would certainly welcome a regularly updated thread on this page.

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Christma Ooooby-Doooo

Is anyone interested in getting together for a Christma 'Do'? I thought it might be nice for us all to go for a meal or something. If you're interested let me know what sort of food you DONT eat, any suggestions as to where you would like to go, and what dates you are free and I will get something sorted for us

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Ooooby Market Stall

Following on from Helen's post about the Green Valley Grocer in Slaithwaite I wonder if we should reconsider the Ooooby Market Stall in Meltham? As Slaithwaite and Meltham are neighbouring villages it seems like it might be a bit of an overkill in a small area and perhaps we should be supporting a community project that is already in place. The Huddersfield Group covers a large area so maybe the Ooooby Market Stall could be done somewhere on the North side of Huddersfield where it would be…

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