Breed ID?

We have four young roosters that we rescued after they were dumped at the roadside in the bush near us.

I'd like to figure out what breed they are before we get some pullets and set up multiple flocks (there are three chook runs on our property).

All four are identical shape but different colours.

Pictured is chocolate - brown with a little black. Tui is black with some brown, and a green sheen which suggests some Minorca in the mix.

The other two are white, one with a little more brown than the other (and pink feet instead of yellow).


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  • We've had these guys since February (they were just learning to crow then, presumably why they were dumped). They were in great condition then and still are.

  • hi, 

    you didnt get them from the riverhead forest area. people are always dumping roosters there. i picked up a little bantam rooster with terrible foot mite problems from there the other week. i have kept him away from my flocks and been treating him as it very contagious as well as painful

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