Egg breaking

I have 4 chooks of mixed varieties, one a big fat ex-broiler, 2 red ones and a skinny white one who thinks she's a rooster. Someone is breaking eggs. Does anyone know why, and what I can do (I don't want to wring their necks...). They have plenty of room (free-range). Also, someone mentioned wrapping rags soaked in Neem oil around their legs for a couple of days for mites. Sounds soooo easy but how do you get them to stay still, and how do you keep the rags on???

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  • one of mine gave me alot of greef for a while , even to the point of thinking about wringing her neck. they were all late layers -into second season (rescue birds) if they are not used to laying they can just accidently break the eggs or if they are laying thin shells they will clean up after themselves -this does not make them a canable just yet! but if you keep a close eye on them for a while and remove eny broken eggs before they can clean up then they will get over it. i recycle all the egg shells back to the chooks - put shells on a baking tray cook at 120 for half an hour then mill into grit with an old beer bottle or the bottom of an old coffee mug
  • i would try the crushed shell thing as i have no problems i give mine pet mince from pack and save i cook it up with a little water to start there is a bit of fat that comes out they love it, it sets like a pudding but can be broken up with a spoon.
    Also for the legs i am trying this recipe i got from a lifestyle block magazine 2thirds oil to one third vinegar and a dash of pepper it suffocates the mites apparently and should be painted on with a small brush each week.
  • I think my hens have done this when hungry, even if they are free range they need some protein. Also could it be that the eggshells are weak? I feed the baked and crushed shells back to them mixed with fat like a bird pudding, or make sure they have some oyster grit to help the shell be strong. I think when the hens age the shells change too.
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