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  • Hi Howard, my chickens were hand raised from 1 day old chickens brought from a chicken hatchery. (that way they were all girls) They are very tame and friendly and you can walk up to them and pick them up. They are laying 4 eggs a day now (4 chooks). They are the beautiful girls and my mates now.
    I am a bit quiet on my page as I am doing some training and dont have the time to garden much or spend time on the computer :-( . Only another 3 months to go ...
  • Don't worry, it's great to share information- rudeness is so old fashioned! ; ) Thanks for the info. So how much do you think the chickens cost you in total? And do you still have to buy eggs? Your hutch looks great though!
  • Love your photos John - and your contributions to others questions - Bless you!
  • Welcome to Ooooby John. Have you had fun looking around the site? If you haven't had a look at the welcome page you can check it out here. It would be great to see a picci on your profile. Feel free to invite anyone who you think might enjoy food growing or eating locally. Have fun oooobying!!
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