Golden Wyandotte Roaster

We have the most beautiful purebred Golden Wyandotte Roaster who is going to crow any day now and so he must find a new home (preferably not in a pot due to his handsomness :-)). 

He is 16 weeks old, strong, handsome and seems to have a nice nature.  He looks after the other girls (a selection of ages) very well from the neighbourhood cats and I will be sorry to see him go.

He hatched here and has been free ranging since. 

I don't want money for him if he is going to a nice home.

We are in Glen Eden.

Thanks :-)

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  • if you get really desparate i could take him, but really want a hen with him so we can start a golden wyandotte family. i also want a plymouth rock hen if anyone knows a good laying strain. i love heirloom chickens.... 

    • Hi Kate, I've got a Golden Wyandotte rooster looking for a home. You're welcome to come and have a look.  Or perhaps I could drop him off to you?



    • Thank you Kate,

      I'll let you know but I do have a few other ports of call first.  The heirloom chooks are so beautiful - we also have two aracanas (may be boys but they are so shy its hard to tell) and a brown leg horn hen - she also has such lovely colours can't wait for her to lay.  Our original chooks are a bit of a mix but still have great personalities.

  • Hi Janet

    I can't help either, but did you think about advertising on

    • I had not because i thought they did not allow it but reading the rules I think the west auckland one does.  Thanks for the tip :-)

  • I tried that first but only got pot intrest!  I will need to try again as it can't go on for long :-( 


  • Hi Janet, wish I could help!  Sadly, we have too many roosters ourselves.  We used to live in Glen Eden.

    You might be able to find a home for him advertising on TradeMe.

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