neem oil

Has anyone used neem oil to spray their chookhouse? How did it go? does a withholding period apply?

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  • I have used neem oil in the chook runs.  I use a knockdown spray 1st to kill any live ones out and about and then the neem oil for later.  I found this was much more effective and long lasting.  Neem oil inhibits fertility so using by itself won't get rid of the current infestation.  There is no withholding for neem oil or most bug sprays that go on the hen houses, but it is recommended to keep the hens out of the house for several hours after spraying and to change the litter at the same time - ie remove birds - take the old litter away (compost it) - spray - replace the litter with fresh - return birds to coop in the evening.

    I have also found that using ivermectin (pour on drench) not only kills the bugs on the birds but helps to clear the hen house of mites. There is a 4-6 week withholding for ivermectin.

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