Organic Chook Feed

Hi all, I have been trying to find an Organic Chook feed suitable for laying hens. Does anyone know where to buy one, a brand or even a recipe to make your own? Love & Light, Mel.

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  • Not sure if this is the right place for this,
    What can you NOT feed chooks, in the way of kitchen scraps????
  • hi there,
    i don't have enough food scraps on a daily basis to feed 7 chooks so i have been feeding them on a pellet-corn-seed(wheat?) mix that i buy at the local pet shop. This is marginally more expensive than straight pellets from the supermarket but is more varied. I am concerned about the contents of the pellets in that they contain 'meat and bone meal' and also an unspecified 'specialised vitamin/mineral premix'. After reading this blog, i wonder if that includes hormones.
    There is a warning on the sack; DO NOT FEED TO sheep/cattle/goats or any ruminant animal. I would imagine that this is because of the BSE outbreak a few years back. I expect the 'meat&bone meal' includes general offal, brain etc.
    All this makes me VERY UNEASY about commercial chook food, so i would be very grateful for any other ideas or sources of non-meat, protein rich feed that will keep my chooks healthy and laying eggs. (they have a large run and free range the garden (and the neighbours gardens) for half the day).
    Key Baxters book, "Koanga Gardens Guide" suggests that sprouted grain is much more nutritious than dry seed. I will give this a go too.

    - jerry
  • I buy mine from BioGrains in Ashburton. Usually I put my order in after wheat harvest time - they do run out of feed later in the year sometimes.
  • Hi,
    Our chooks lay really well on food scraps.I initially fed chook feed but decided to try only food waste and they haven't stopped laying.I also let them free range for part of the day.
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