Our Chickens are Quiet

We got our three point of lay hamburg pullets just over a week ago, from Fred van Lier, and they have been laying for us pretty much since then. Not a lot (rate of 250 per year per bird), and they're medium size (approx 42.5 grams to be precise) but they're ours!! Photos up on my page. Actually they hardly say anything. Not much emanated from the run at all. Thanks to everyone who helped us with advice. Much appreciated. We're busy making things to liven up their days, like they do at the zoo and call it 'enrichment'. An apple hung on a string just a few inches off the ground is the latest idea. (West Auckland NZ)

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  • They sound lovely :)
    Id love to know what 'tasks' you come up with for the chooks,
    I have pavers that I lift up every few days for them to scratch around finding slugs and worms in the dirt under them. I might trial the apple trick but they don't seem to keen on apple, fussy things. Mine seem to have taken to entertaining themselves by scaring the wits out of me, I opened my lounge window curtains in the weekend to find four pairs of eyes staring (hunger glare) at me! Obvoiusly they didnt approve of a late weekend brekkie! I was suprised they made it up that high as the house is on a hill so thats the highest end of the house.
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