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  • Just discovered this group! Living Economies has lots of interesting stuff on local economy. Visit www.le.org.nz Great selection of books, DVDs and magazines too.
    e.g.  books
    Local Money - what difference does it make?

    People Money the promise of regional currencies

    Local Dollars, Local Sense - how to shift your money from Wall St to Main St and achieve real prosperity

    Give and Take - how Timebanking is transforming healthcare

    Occupy Money - creating an economy where everybody wins

    Plenty of choice in the the DVDs and Magazines too .....

    And when your'e done there - check out the page on Savings Pools. There are about 30 Pools in NZ - saving members heaps of money though retiring or avoiding interest bearing debt.

  • Koha Healing Sound workshop This Satursday 10 am in Grey Lynn.

    More details here: http://provennaturalremedies.info/sw.html

    Cheers Tom 021 251 3058

    Re economies I almost have a guaranteed income skype marketing system where people can market their knowledge.

  • Not much discussion here in the group but you may be reading about it or watching video clips. Tell us about it.

    Here's another Peak moment video which has some great ideas on how to make local investing easy.


  • certainly a useful idea, though not too sure about innovative; the Green Party have been advocating this for years!
  • Peak Moment 44: Michael Shuman advocates "Going Local," showing how local businesses are beating global competition and helping to create self-reliant communities. One innovative idea: invest locally by moving a portion of pension funds into regional stock exchanges.
  • Have uploaded an image for the group which was hard to find something that really suited the group any other suggestions welcome.
  • If I understand it correctly bartering is ok by IRD unless it is your profession, eg a painter must declare a painting job barter but not a vege barter. Will they care about Roooobys not unless we make an impact.

    You can bring your lemons and persimons to the ooooby stall and get roooobys for them, The persimons sound great.

  • And eggs, but I need instructions of how to do it, and by the way, how it works with Inland Revenue.

    I believe that Inland Revenue will try to hammer us, so we need to prove that we are not doing this to avoid paying taxes, what I am more than happy to pay.

    What we have to ensure is that Inland Revenue protect local economies, and their duty is to protect local currencies.

  • You can pay me in Rooobys, I give handwork for your garden!!!

    Also I will sell you lemons and persimons.

  • Always Angie but we haven't come up with much. I dream of being able to use them at any stall at the grey lynn farmer market oh wouldn't that be great....
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How do we transition from trade to a value based system, and get business's involved?

I am interested in your thoughts on how to get started with creating a local economy when a lot of the “locals” support the current system. I live in a small village 2hrs south of Auckland (just south west of Hamilton more accurately), we have just under 2 acres. We planted the block out 7 or so years ago with fruit and nut trees and have just returned to live there in January. We have started our permaculture gardens one chook tractor bed at a time, and are just getting to the point where we…

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