My Kumara Exsperiment

I have tried Kumara before and did not have much luck. This time I dug all the soil out and replaced it with a 50/50 mix of sand and old garden mix on a clay base. The Kumera themselves are of Kohunga stock.


 But aren’t the vines supposed to have died back by now? Shouldn’t I have harvested them already? Or is it just this mild Autumn?

Kumara Beds in March.jpg

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  • Hi Nick.  Um I pulled all my kumera out about 2 weeks ago cause I was scared they might go rotten with the rain and warmth.  They were all in good condition. there were some really large ones and the rest smallish but definitely edible and yum.  Looking at the ones in the shops some of which are huge I probably could have left them in a little longer, you could try fossicking around the roots and pulling out a couple to see how they are.  I noticed when I did this that they continued to grow if you cover up the roots again.  To grow mine I dug up a patch and put a sheet of tin about 2 foot under the plants (my blacksmith told me it would stop them wandering and be easier to harvest which was true, although they did sneak out and take off down the path).  Happy harvesting. Fi.
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