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Strawberry root weevil

Two years ago our strawberry plants were suffering badly from what I think it strawberry root weevil. I took all the plants up, dusted as much soil as possible from them, and replanted them in another part of the garden. They had one slow season but

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Starting from scratch


We have the wonderful (?) opportunity to start from scratch in a reasonable sized backyard (its a rental and our landlord is keen for us to do sustainability stuff). At the moment it's mostly grass (and giant noxious weeds!! which we're gradually

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Treating wood?

Hi, I made some raised beds to grow veggies in out of untreated macrocarpa planks, because I didnt want any of those nasty chemicals leaching into the soil. However, I was wondering if there is any way of treating wood with out such nastiness. I thou

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Massive overgrown weed problem!

Hi, We've recently moved into a new (old) rental and together with the owner are wanting to turn the backyard, which is currently in a totaly state of disrepair and full of weeds, into a food-producing oasis! We will do chooks, vegies and fruit trees

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Finding space to garden

So you want to garden but lack the space to do so? You're not alone. Countless people in every city in the world either live in apartments, and thus lack a lawn to tear up, or live in condos or rental units where the yard is not theirs to do as they

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