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  • The garden, and Rosemary's award, feature in a full page article of the latest Sisters of Mercy newsletter. See page 2. Click on the link below to download a copy - PDF, 845 KB

    And also take time to check out the revamped Mercy website:

  • Delightful! Absolutely Delightful!

  • Hi everyone, 

    Here is the link to the TVNZ Close Up story on Rosemary and all our team at PKT garden:

  • Dirt Doctor workshops

    Hi everyone. The PKT garden team is pleased to be hosting two days of Dirt Doctor workshops in June. The focus is on investing in your soil so you have abundant crops in Spring. Here are the details:

  • Papatuanuku ki Taurangi is happy to be hosting the "Dirt Doctor" Jim O'Gorman on October 29-30.

    Jim and Pania Robinson will be running their latest Urban Eden workshop on our site. The two days show you how to build healthy soil and grow lots of food in your backyard.

    For more details, check out Jim's upcoming events page:

  • I am going to try shade cloth on the compost pile. Old sheets/fabric may work too
  • Thanks everyone for my new garden.  We did a shell path today and hope to mulch the undug areas nearby.  The pukekos, Californian quails, sparrows and blackbirds are enjoying the seed and compost despite the netting!


  • Want to express my gratitude to have had the opportunity to host our latest Biodynamic workshop at Papatuanuku ki Taurangi Garden. A special Thank you to Rosemary who has been so welcoming to us, and has provided full support before and during the workshop, we were very well looked after.

    Thank you Wayne and Ping for volunteering your time, and making a valuable commitment in helping developing this learning and teaching space.

    May all your efforts helps others to engage in the Eath Promise ...

  • Pleased to be able to share it with you.
  • It looks beautiful and the description of the garden's purpose and history is quite inspiring. Thanks for bringing Papatuanuku ki Taurangi to our attention Wayne. Wishing you many abundant harvests.
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Dirt Doctor workshop steams ahead

  Another weekend, another marvellous workshop. Over the past two Saturdays, Papatuanuku ki Taurangi was the site for a Dirt Doctor workshop run by Pania Robinson. Topics covered included the soil food web and soil biology. This was interesting stuff – complete with images of nematodes, fungi and protozoa – all those little living things that take such joy in eating each other, and in the process, help make soil nutrients available for our veges. Pania says that the Dirt Doctor himself Jim…

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Children visit garden

This month, we had a special visit from children attending the Moove and Groove session at the YMCA at nearby Michaels Ave reserve. We see these colourful young characters every week when they walk through the gardens on their way to visit the residents of Mercy Parklands hospital and retirement home. On this occasion, the group stopped off for a longer visit at Papatuanuku ki Taurangi. They had morning tea on the deck and fed their scraps to the worms.     Then they looked in the chook houses…

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What's new - August 2011

So what have we been up to at PKT recently? The photo to the left shows the team after a solid morning's work making a compost pile. Michael said it was the tidiest compost pile we'd made so far, and I have to agree. We applied what we learned from the recent Biodynamic workshop run by Peter Proctor and Rachel Pomeroy. Nick supplied us with a few hay bales and a bucket of cow dung. Handy having a farm boy on the team. We loosened up an area of earth and put down a base of sticks. Then we made…

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Biodynamic workshop with Peter Proctor, Rachel Pomeroy

  The team at Papatuanuku ki Taurangi were happy to help host a Biodynamic gardening workshop led by Peter Proctor and Rachel Pomeroy this weekend just gone. Biodynamic enthusiasts are lucky to have two such experienced people to learn from in NZ. If you want to know more about Peter and Rachel, watch the documentary “One Man, One Cow, One Planet” which traces their work teaching farmers across India. Peter is also author of Grasp The Nettle, regarded as something of a bible for Biodynamic…

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