If you are looking for a space to garden or if you have extra garden space to share you can make your request or offer known here.
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  • Hi, Just thought I'd let you know my work has a FREE Horticulture course available in East Tamaki, if you are interested? Enquire http://goo.gl/SUJQ8L or ring on 0800 872 466.  Completely free for 18yrs up to 65yrs includes National Certificate in Horticulture Level 2. Partnership with Habitat so you can help & gain experience towards Community Scale Gardens as well as doing practicals with the class in your backyard! Taking enrolments now :) 

  • Trudy how are you getting on with your initiative in Miranda?

  • Hi all, please see the events list for food trade table at Mangere Mountain Education Ctr 100 Coronation road, Mangere Bridge. Second Friday of every month at 10am for an hour.
  • Hi:

    I am looking for Garden buddy as I need a hand with my garden, I offer a hand as well.

    I live in Mangere.

  • Hi everyone


    Just wondering if anyone has any quinces that are not being used.  We are in Paparimu, and would be happy to collect.





  • Hi All

    My Husband and I have purchased a small block of bare land in Bombay that we are busy busy busy with planting out in fruit trees and vegetables, as well as a house (eventually).

    we are using companion planting, Herbal leys and tons and tons of mulch to try to grow the most incredible, nutrient dense and flavourful foods for our family and friends.

    We are currently looking for someone to 'foster' a calf and a piglet for us - to grow them for food eventually - I just can't do it myself as I would never send them off for 'dispatch' as I'm a bit of a sook... lol

    Anyway, we're growing all heritage varieties of apples, quinces and pears, not to mention cherries, apricots, peaches and nectarines. I'm very much looking forward to any fruit this year as it will be a blessing.
  • We have plenty of grapefruit on the tree if anyone wants to pick up from Half Moon Bay, Highbrook Industrial area (near East Tamaki) or Ellerslie. I can't eat them because I'm on the pill (grapefruit interact with the meds) and hubby isn't eating them fast enough...
  • Hi all, I have heaps of grapefruit about to come ripe as well as lemonade limes if anybody wants some... it is finally warming up a bit and I am looking forward to getting out and stuck into the garden right and proper...
  • I have a tree full of juicy oranges would like to swap for veggie seeds - cauli, broccoli, kale or any heritage veggie seeds (just a teaspoon would be enough).
  • We have an abundance of Persimmons at the moment is anyone is interested in some. Also keen for any recipies for Persimmons :-)
    We also have a nice large Rhubarb due to be divided soon, anybody who may like some let us know....
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