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  • Hi

    Are you still in Oooby, I am from Mangere.

    I work in James Cook and Alfriston College as a reliever, and I want to connect with the local vege growers.

    I will have spare yacon soon and I have spare eggs.

    I am looking for fruits.

    Also I want to add goats to my livestock, and I am looking to people who may want to goat service to clean the area, or something else related to goats.

  • Ooooby-versity in your area would be great. How far are you from Auckland city?
  • Hi Debbie, I have started a group on preserving, Preserving Your Surplus. I am having trouble getting photos on to that page. I have asked for help on this. the photos are on my page at present. I am writing up about bottling on the group page in instalments.
  • Hi Debbie had a super busy week at work and the small amount of spare time I had was spent shovelling sheep manure, for my fruit trees, etc, i will get on to the jar photos, now.
  • hi again Debbie, looked at your page. I do know how to bottle, do you have jars (2nd hand shops can be good for these) there are two typesand correspondingly two types of rings to screw the seals on with while they are hot. I can post photos of these if you like so you can know what to look for for next season?
  • Hi Debbie, I only have one pic (taken early last spring) of the mainly food part of my garden and now is the least attractive time. I will try and post more as the seasons change.
  • Thank you! What a wonderful to get people gardening!!
  • Thanks for the kind words.
  • Hi Debbie
    Your baskets inspired me to look in the local op-shop and i got 3 lovely woven bags-kete style- for a dollar each.They'll be great for harvesting.
    Hope the weather is being kind to your garden.It is rather windy here.
  • Debbie,
    Your garden looks amazing. I love the wall side green house.
    Well done,
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