• shall be ambitious and plan another shared all-raw meal on Waiheke?? I'm hanging out for one!
  • I heard a rumour we may be starting a pot luck this monday the 5th? Any takers? What's the story anyone?
  • I'm really keen too, my attendance may be a little irregular tho. My place is not wery suitable to host more than a couple of people tho. Any day would be equally likely to work for me.
    • Hi Jacob,

      Did you get my message on Oooby the other day about the Raw Vegan pot luck this Saturday in Howick. I sent a link for you to click on and join a new group of Raw Vegans. I'm likely to go if you'd like a ride? my phone number is Ak 815 7366.
  • Love to. Any day works for me :) I have a few friends not on Ooooby who would also likely want to come so let me know what day you think works and I'll pass the message on. Are you thinking of hiring somewhere to hold it or just at someone's house? Happy to host one sometime if you need somewhere. Look forward to it :)
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