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  • My elephant garlic loved all the rain but I did plant it under the eaves of the side of my house... I had the best crop I've ever grown with thanks to a good friend who taught me how to care for it.. (hehe!)... I wish I had planted more. I got away with just one leaf of rust... very lucky. Hopefully you have a great crop too Kali. :-) Not sure about my regular garlic yet... fingers crossed.


  • Oh! Thanks Megan, now you said they are scapes I can see they probably are.  My whole garden this yr is in pots (broken wrist) and the garlic looks too tall and scapes too round.  I shall cut them off.  Didn't know that about each leaf being a bulb wrapper.  No matter how long one has gardened there is always something new to learn. 

  • Kiwi Brown, the seed heads are the scapes and the bulbs will be starting to form now as Anna mentioned. The bulbs don't normally start bulking up until the last month of growth. The bulbs will be ready to harvest when there are 4-6 green leaves remaining (each leaf is a bulb wrapper).

  • I had slow growing garlic too then about a month ago, lots of growth....surprise, now  the stinkers are shooting up with seed heads instead of forming bulbs.  We had rain all winter but don't know what caused this.  I thought garlic took 2 yrs to get seed heads?  Kali, do you mean your cloves sprouted after a bulb was formed?  Does anyone know how long garlic seeds take to make a bulb, or if they do? 

  • my garlic hasn't enjoyed all the rain and has resprouted in bunches, so i wont be storing any... maybe some elephant garlic will come through unscathed.

  • Did they have rust? Apparently its a terrible year for garlic, mine are spindly stems of nothing and have rust.

  • Will they not still bulb up Lynn? Perhaps they are simply not ready yet? Mine only bulb up a few weeks before I decide to harvest them. 

  • Oh dear...garlic...very sad. I planted 83 cloves, 81 of which sprouted. But sadly, all they did was grow a few stems and did nothing else. There have been no bulbs or anything. Just 81 garlic smelling spring onions! Very disappointing and I'm not sure what the heck I'm going to do for garlic for the next year! Shallots, on the other hand, have done famously and continue to do so...abundant and tasty!

  • thanks for your message Lynn. I am  preparing a bed for garlic but my crop last year was very bad, robyn  sent me some beauties but wondering if  any more bulbs someone out there could send me, can swap for seeds.

  • It's extremely late, I know, Kali...but I'm very sorry to hear about your son. My sincere condolences.

    Health issues have been paramount with me, I'm afraid, and my vegetable garden has been given the barest minimum of attention to keep it partially going. Hopefully things will now improve. 

    I'm looking for a plant called (a couple of viable seeds would be fantastic) Cucamelon (Melothria scabra) - apparently a fast growing vine that has grape sized melon type fruit with the taste of cucumber touched with lime. Has anybody heard of, seen, or come into possession of such a thing? I'd LOVE to give it a go!

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