Kefir starter cultures

Does anyone know where to get these and how to go about making it? I'm interested in learning about fermentation.

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  • Does anyone in the Wairarapa have spare Kefir grains?

  • I have seen both kombucha and water kefir starters on stalls at various times at the car boot sale on Sunday mornings.

  • Hi Amy...I have tonnes of the water grains, my milk grains are still only slowly multiplying. You are welcome to some water grains if you'd like some?

  • Hi Amy, I am in the Wairarapa, and often have some, but fear I have neglected mine and killed it (again). Rebecca at is my favourite person to buy the cultures from. You can buy both water kefir and milk kefir from her. She provides good instructions for growing and maintaining them.  (Such as - don't neglect them :o)  Was it water kefir or milk kefir, or both that you were mainly after?

    I could check if either of mine ARE still alive, and you'd be welcome to some if they are.

  • hello Amy, if you join the Weston A Price group and scroll through all the comments, you'll find lots of useful information about fermentation. There's also a Trades/swaps discussion where members post availability of surplus grains etc. again, just scroll through the posts to find someone close to you that you can trade with.
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