Established in 1999 we are working to keep a living network of seeds that do well in Southern New Zealand.  We hold seed saving courses twice a year.

We really need more seed savers in Southern NZ.

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  • Hi all, I'm trying a few seeds saving groups as I'm looking for some particular Corn seeds to purchase - Silver Platinum. Appreciate any help.

  • Hi everyone, I'm obnoxiously commenting on every seed-saving group I can find, so please forgive double postings. I'm looking for 'Siberian' and 'Siberian Giant' tomato seeds, but can only find them in international catalogues, & NZ has strict import restrictions on solanaceae seeds due to the risk of disease. I'm hoping someone has them somewhere!!!

    PS - As the names would suggest, these are good tomatoes to get into circulation in the South, as they cope well with cold temperatures!

  • I am going to have Salsify and Parsnip seed this year...

  • sorry not that I know of!
    We are hoping to start a bit of a Southland Seed  enterprise in the future but that wont be for 2-3 years.

    Would like to know as well of others there may be.

    kind regards


  • ops organic seeds,thanks

  • Hi down there,its Fi from Waiheke Island up here.I am after some info,do any of you no apart from eco,koanga and running brook seeds,and seed saver groups  are there any other nz seed companies (not importers),thanks kind regards Fi

  • We have a national relocalising food tour coming to Southland this week 28th Nov-1 Dec click on the link below for details:

  • Thanks for letting me know Kali - I'll correct it when I'm back in the office next Wednesday.  In the meantime, I've attached a word document here----> SSS 2012 Catalogue

    For those that received a hard copy (just as I discovered 2 more boxes full of seed packet), updates have been made in bold.

  • please check the new catalogue pdf tamsin, it is not working for me.

  • Hello all,
    The updated catalogue is now at:

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