healing herbs and energy approach

Happy New Year to all OOObys and plants and all the living creatures who make our gardens thrive! My recent discovery for healthy gardens and home space was a book by a geomancer Alanna Moore called "Sensitive Permaculture".You may've heard about her seminars on towers of power for healthy soils. This time Alanna draws on indigenous wisdom from Australia, Ireland and elsewhere andishows how to put the insights of geomancy and geobiology into eco-smart permaculture design. I am trying some tips from the book and it makes me more aware of all actions I take. Check it out on http://geomantica.com/ And another valuable addition to my space are healing herbs from Michelle Delacey 's nursery, she has them on sale now, 4 plants for $10! her phone number is 813 3892. Let us all blossom in the New Year!

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