Next home visit

Hi All, we haven't done a home visit lately. l was wondering if anyone would be interested in swapping seeds as l have quite a few packets that are left from last year and l'm not going to use them all. l've also got a heap of tomato seeds that have sprouted and need new homes. As Thursdays seemed to suit l could do next Thursday 1st October or Thursday 15th October at my place.

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  • Hmm... I don't feel sleepy ? ( looks around, checks to see if garden is asleep... nope doesn't look like it :). I'm going to be busy on the 1st, but I could do a garden visit sometime soon. Playing musical instruments appeals to me as well, although I have the slight problem of never having learned one.
    • No worries: just hum along! May 1st it is...better look at my calander. Invite the lot..yes all of oooby
      go ahead! I make an invite. Serve tea and (not biscuits cuz I don't eat em)
  • Oh ok. Well, we usually arrange these fairly informally. Just post the suggestion on here with a possible date, and everyone will get back to you on wether they can make it or not.
    • Hi everyone. I am back in acukland. Did Adya go ahead with another gettogether?
    • No Gayleen, all is quiet on the western front currently ;)
    • LEts do a garden party and seed exchange?I am thinking May Day May 1st. WE could do a May Pole dance: some research on why people did it (spring in the world it came from).
      I plan on doing a bigger party afterwards: so bring a dish a musical instrument, a poem, or something inspirational to share. I am going to ask Luke Hurley to come and a few other Muso friends. I plan to finish by * pm outside (if weather permits) and inside until 10 pm or so I have lots of permaculture/spiritual films to show so we could see one of those later. I work on invitation. and post it later today. If May Day is too close for me then I will make it in 6 weeks, but we could still get together for an open garden afternoon. I sure need help with my compost and it would be wonderful to get the neighborhood Glen Eden and community awake. Very very sleepy out here.

  • Huh ?
    • Meaning the last meet up was in 7 FEb. But I looked at the first one and it was last year. I am off for two weeks but would love to host a meeting at my place in Glen Eden. Garden's getting to the point where it needs redoing. But it would be lovely to meet everyone. Maryma
  • WOw. What an old post!
  • Ok... the next home visit is at my place on Sunday the 7th of Feb after 2 PM. If anyone would like to share food then I'll provide some salad and chopped fruit. My family are rabbits and prety much only eat these things, but everyone else are welcome to bring their own ;)

    My address is
    17a Scotstoun Pl
    Glen Eden

    My place is up a rightofway so everyone will need to find parking on the road. It is a culdesack so it is nice and quiet on the street. My house is the one with all the green around it ;), so it shouldn't be hard to spot, but if you still need help, it is the big cream coloured house on the left as you go up.
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