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2010 SEASON: Cherry Tomatoes, Large Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Sweet Bell Peppers, Banana Peppers, Jalapenos, Okra, Onions, Carrots, Cucumbers, Watermelon, & Strawberries.

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  • HI Crystal, thanks for invite. I'm sitting here looking at our teaming winter rain thinking how lovely it would be to be in the summer growing season. My chickens would rather be ducks at the moment they look so bedraggled. I'm planning on planting garlic over the next week to take advantage of the solstice energy. We have just entered Matariki time here in NZ. This is the Moari New Year and is marked by the rising of the Pleiades, or Matariki, star cluster at dawn. Look forward to hearing from you.
  • Hello Crystal, love your blogs, would you mind linking your piece on homemade organic pesticides to Isabell's new group https://ooooby.ning.com/group/naturalororganicapprovedplantremedysan...
  • Hi Thanks for the friend request and the info on pesticides.
  • Me again! I've just looked up the okra I grew this time. It is Okra Cee Gwa Long Ridge, otherwise called Ridge Gourd or Angled Luffa. I grew it for Chinese friends who live above their shop and have no garden. Didn't get a good result. One started up a tree and then stopped. The other was in the little hot house but planted too late. Oh, well..
    We're off to England on Monday and will be away 'til 3rd September . Will try to get on computers of friends and family as we go. We only have three things to worry about - getting lost/robbed/flu! That just about covers it.
  • It is lettuce, but it's in our garden...not in pots. Kaden grows all of his veggies in pots and does very well...he has even grown corn in pots!
  • Hi .Welcome to Ooooby.Thanks for the friend request.
  • Hello! Thanks for the invite!...nice to meet you.
  • Hi Crystal
    Thanks for the invitation
    My garden at the moment is still in the planning stage.
    My biggest pests however are my two dogs who just love playing in the compost.
  • Hi Crystal,

    Love to join you. My garden is is cold and damp (middle of winter in Tasmania). I can only imagine how good those cantaloupe can taste and smell. My 'pests' are possums and wallabies and my mischievious ponies!
  • I would love to be your friend! I've been looking at your garden photos, too. The Okra must look beautiful when it is in flower. I grew some a few years ago but not sure what to do with them but the flowers were magnificent. The ones I grew this year were more like cucumber plants. I guess there's more than one type. My biggest pests are the blackbird and thrush, the next biggest diggers in the world. First prize goes to the three 'houdini' chooks!
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