Twin Falls


March 28



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Gardening advice, Garden watering, Garden sitting, to be a gardening buddy, Food from my garden

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Permaculture Experience, Micologist, Lots of years in the garden

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Buying Local Food, Selling Local Grown Food, Bartering Local Food, Community Gardens, Learning, Preserving, WWOOFA Hosting, WWOOFA Working, Seed Savers

Tell us about your garden and what you're growing

My lot in town, is my garden. My house is just in the way. I have been groing a good amount of food here for a number of years. I grow the staples but I have tried everything. I grow hydroponicly in my basement, which is also my mushroom lab and grow room. I have raised beds for root crops. I love root crops as food more than any other. Turnips, beets, carrots, parsnips and such. To me, a meal is created by going out back, brushing away the snow and pulling back the plastic and digging out some carrots, turnips and parsnips. Then, peeling and cleaning and simmering them in just a little butter with a lid on. Oh yummy!!!!! I have also started beekeeping. I spent one winter reading everything I could find on bees. Now I have six hives and growing. I want to raise my own queens next year and do splits on all my hives. That means twelve hives, if everything goes well.

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  • Hey Jude here, How ya doing and what are you up to in your patch.

    I guess it is the Fall in your neck of the woods, sooo more Parsnips for a change!

    Do you plant Kohl Rabi?  It has a nutty flavour.

    We have had a long winter.  It warms, one plants and it cools, snow in the South Island a while back.  I am just looking at your wintering carrots photo...I think it's called global warming!

    I am now planting by the moon completely.  Just tested it last summer, and the programme combined with worm pee is working well.  I am noticing a huge difference.

    Last summer I planted my first Russian Black Krim toms, and it is my favourite over 40 years of gardening.  I kept seeds from my best one for this year and now have heaps.

    Hope you are keeping well...and busy.




  • Hi Doug, the happy gardener,


    I have sent you an email with a couple of links to honey that we use in NZ.

    Parsnips for breakfast?

  • Congratulations on planting your garden.  That is such a satisfying feeling.

    I see you love parsnips...have you tried them mashed together with carrots, butter, salt and pepper?  That is yummy, and brings back childhood memories.

    We are in the middle of winter now, way too much rain and gusty storms this week.

    I have dug trenches and am throwing in a bag of veg peelings each day.  It had better work!  Rest up.

  • Whoops, left a message for you on Richard Watson's page by mistake, sorry.
  • That's good that the seed has made it Doug.

    As the name suggests it grows tall and what i do is when i pick the leaves for a salad i pick from the bottom up as it grows,its a thick stem type lettuce.


    good luck with this one,love to see some photos of it on your wall later in the season

  • Thank you for your message at the time of the earthquake in Christchurch.

    The land has not settled yet. After shocks continue frequently, and folk are trying to keep spirits high and get on as best they can.  Huge effort is continuing with fund-raising, and drop-off depots for every day necessities.

    We are lucky living in the North Island, but have been warned that we are 100 years overdue for something.

    We have had family visiting visiting from London for the last 10 weeks, and during that time the garden has turned into a jungle over summer.  The rains have started now which is good.  I will deal to it and have it back in good order by spring.


    How is your patch?


  • Hello! Well, I tried your advice on making onion sets and it worked. Now I have to get them in the garden - when I find it! Thanks for the advice...and the laugh. You are very funny!
  • Hello Stillcookin! In northeast Ohio we plant onions, all kinds, in early spring or late fall. That pasta dish is a favorite and how nice that you like it too. Thanks for visiting my potager. Enthusiastic visitors are always welcome. And about those cucumbers! I have a bumper crop of four kinds traveling right now. Each morning I have to take a look to see which route they've taken. The cornichons are especially interesting now. Have already started pickling. Good luck with the red onion. Delicious thing it is!
  • You certainly sound full of the joys! All that good fresh food no doubt.

    I have taken about 20 cuttings from my Goji plant and they are up to the challenge.

    Ordered a truck load of tested garden mix and topped up everything ready for the winter.

    What do you do with your Volkswagens when they are ripe? Do you bottle sauerkraut?

    I have an interesting email to send you regarding incredible edibles. Could I have your mail address. Not sure how to put it on ooooby.
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