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We have a huge old Feijoa tree with the fruit starting to swell now. I really want to cut it down as it is where my vege garden is going to be, I will be looking to plant more Feijoa trees in better locations around the section.

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  • Yes! We are still interested.  All the questions below are still on the table! Thanks for remembering us.

  • That's a bit sad! (but no-one's got hurt!) Yesterday 28 North School Envirogroup children came down to the Garden in a bus.  They planted more than 500 flower plants which they had raised from seed.  Oh well, the local bees will benefit.  Better luck next season? If you have access to Facebook you can see their photos on the Garden page - Tokoroa Community Garden.

  • That's good news! We are wondering what the setup will be. Does money change hands? We are more interested in the bees than the honey. But would we be able to get some honey?  Would you like to sell your honey on our weekly stall - a small percentage coming to us, perhaps? Look forward to hearing from you. 

  • Hi! Daniel! We are still interested in the bees if you are!...the 'we' being the Tokoroa Community garden.  We have gone ahead in leaps and bounds since I last contacted you.  Become a Friend on our facebook, if you wish, and keep up with progress.


  • That looks brilliant!  Wow!

    The 'Tokoroa Community Garden' is on Facebook - with photos, if you want to see what we are doing...

  • Well, that is good news!  Thanks for the offer of a beehive.  It would be wonderful to have them there. Yes, keep in touch!

  • Sorry about your bees - after you tried so valiently to get them going.  It was just by accident that I found your sad story.  I am now working back at the Tokoroa Community Garden (which now has its own page on Facebook). I googled Bee hives NZ to see if I could find a local to put some hives on site - and there you are!  We can't afford to buy anything, we were just wondering if someone wanted a site. Hoep you find a keen buyer.  Incidentally, do you know anyone who would like a new site?

  • Hi Daniel, yep fine, still no job, but chooks are fine, will be posting a few queries about chooks to the poultry group soon, as for the gardens, got to get into them, tomorrows scheduled powercut should motivate me, blasted slugs have decimated my seedlings, including the ones in trays on the deck, they must be cunning little slugs as the chooks clean them up as fast as they can
  • Thanks for that Sarah, i have just picked the bags up, I did reply earlier, but i must have replied to the ooooby email, and it has been busily bouncing back to me.

    Thank Dan for me too please, it is much appreciated
  • you're probably away and fishing by now, so let me know a time to pick up when you get back, enjoy the fishing
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