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Moved here in March 2009 and spent the winter having trees felled and sorted. Hence we have heaps of mulch. Half an acre of good mud silt near Otaki River, in market garden road. Have planted Adriatic, Brown Turkey, San Pedro figs, Unique, Appollo and two other feijoas, heaps of heritage apples( some grafted by me). We are using the bucket system of humanure so the compost will be ready when the bought compost has been used. Barrel for seaweed, make bokashi, have worm farm, planning a wormorator toilet, make compost tea. Use lime flour and rock dust, Growing heritage tomatoes from seed, have eight vege beds, we eat lots of kale, lettuce, have planted two thornless blackberries, one passionfruit, two kiwifruit, one tamarillo, one macadamia nut, one boysenberry, one Chilean guava, one nectarine, one dwarf apricot, one lemonade. There was one lemon here when we got here, lots of manure and some morning sun and it is thriving now.

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  • Wow, what you are doing sounds great! Hope you are enjoying Ooooby. I'm finding my way about the place having moved to Marton last December. How are the Fig trees doing?

    Cheers   Lorraine 

  • Hello Deirdre,

    I am a fan of your book Healthy Money Healthy Planet and I wonder if you can direct me to someone who can answer a question for me? Bill English was quoted as saying that there was no alternative but for NZ to borrow money to fund reconstruction in Chch. But Japan is asking its bank to issue bonds due to the exceptional circumstances there. This is WEIRD! NZ at least has its domestic power generation intact whereas Japan doesnt. Why can't NZ issue Quake Bonds redeemable under strict conditions against hydro energy which everyone needs, especially once reconstruction is complete? Generation capability can be managed very precisely. Since the building industry is mostly domestic, labour, materials and all, this seems an ideal opportunity to issue a local currency which could be very closely controlled and strongly backed. I would be very grateful if you could direct me to wherever this discussion is, or should be taking place. Brigit Manning

  • Good to see a humanure composter! Hopefully the practice is on the rise
  • Hello Deirdre.
    James forwarded a message from you to the food growers group on TT ning. Thank you for your kind support of Ooooby. I will do my best to ensure they all have a positive experience here.
  • Hi Deirdre
    Sorry its taken so long to reply but things are extremely busy for me at the moment with lots of travel for work. This means neglect in the garden im afraid. I have been thinking about starting some sort of community gardening scheme here in Levin. Just an idea at this stage to get people together. I will need to start by learning what already goes on in my area in this regard.
    Ron Fisher
  • hi deirdre, my name is aidan turvey and i am a massey university student currently studying design. This is my final year at massey and i am looking at focusing my final assignment on the creation of a complementary currency. I am presently reading your book at the moment (Healthy Money Healthy Planet) which is really wonderful, and is helping me heaps. Is there anyway that i could contact you maybe for an interview of just to discuss ideas? is so that would be fantastic and warmly appreciated. Thanks again for writing such a great book.
  • And a PS - the "Start here" links on the upper left of the Main page, are a good place to start if you want more info and background on this project.
  • Hi Deirdre - what can I say? A big hello and a "Please ask if there is anything we can do to help see some Ooooby'ness in Otaki" :-)
  • Well hello there Deirdre. Lovely to see you here. Welcome. I hope you like it here and that it becomes a useful resource for you and your neighbourhood. I look forward to meeting you in person one day soon.
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