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I have 2 main big gardens and a third is a work in progress ( back breaking work) This season have planted over 1000 garlic cloves, YUM! have cabbages, broad beans, cauli's, silverbeet, spinach, just started sorting out all my seeds for sowing. Trying all heritage and heirloom mostly this year.

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  • Hello Rachel

    I am writing to people in Auckland who offers yard labour to join the group working bees Auckland.

    By the way Sun 22 at 1030 there is a working bee in my house.

    The first beneficiary is myself of course, but the people who comes will decide to go to another house next time, could be yours or whoever, and try to have a growing working group.

    One day the group will become so big, that will split.

    One day all Auckland will work together to make vege gardens.

    Do you want to join the revolution?

  • Hi Rachel :  Dian usually slices them about 5mm thick lengthwise, puts extra virgin olive oil on the BBQ plate, sears both sides, and free flow freezes them. Good for pizzas, soups, and stews.

    Our garlic crop is small. Would you be interested in selling some, or bartering?


    Dian & Dennis


  • hello Rachel, please post a photo of your garlic harvest, would love to see what 120kgs garlic looks like!
  • Welcome to the Self Sufficiency group.
  • Gosh, maybe that'll be me next year!!! We're still clearing everything, got my raised planters but haven't placed them yet and haven't filled them!!!! I've started collecting jars for preserving though and I think for this year we are just going to see what we've got and what we can do with it!!! Today I counted 5 apple trees, 3 plums, 1 fig etc - so we will see if the fruit is any good if not we are going to chop the trees.
  • have you mulched around your garlic? I've got a really thick layer of pea straw over them and the couch still grows through but it's quite easy to pull out. Not many other weeds to speak of but will start making a weed tea out of any that do appear.
  • hello Rachel, how's your garlic coming long? Mine have started peeping thru their cover of pea straw.
  • sounds like you could have done with Hester's dibber https://ooooby.ning.com/photo/garlic-planting-june-09?context=user when you were planting your garlic!
  • Welcome Rachel. Great to have you with us. I like your work.
  • Oh yeh. Have tracked down vinigar mother. Am also making home brew wine {some shit, others not to bad} and have planted my garlic, 2 rows {about 20 plants} Havn't got too much room in my wee garden of 3 plots and stroudy wants to plant a plot in spuds. I have to keep an eye on him or he'll plant all the garden in spuds, peas and broad beans.
    Look forward to ya email.
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