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  • Hi! I went to look and Eric had disappeared. If you look at
    http://www.naw.org.nz/galleries/october_2002.htm you will find one of his prizewinning pieces.
  • That's interesting. I have seen durian growing on a trip to Indonesia and I have spent some weeks in Singapore so have eaten rambutan. I rather like durian though it has a strange metallic smell - I don't find it offensive. My husband will be interested to know that you grow teak. He is a woodturner. If you google Eric Wolfe you may find some of his work. Thanks for answering!
  • I have looked at your site. There are some very interesting concepts I did not know before. I can't seem to find the photos but I will try again.
    What is your main crop?
  • Couldn't agree more Eric.
  • Hello Eric. Welcome. Thanks for joining us here. THe Half Farmer idea is brilliant! I have copied your Half Farmer blog (with a link of course) to the front page of Ooooby. Hope you don't mind. I added an image to qualify it for the front page. Let me know if there is a better image. So glad to have you with us.
  • Hello! Nice to meet you. I would love to see some pictures of your garden. Have you hosted many woofers? The great thing about this site is meeting people from all parts of the world. I'll look up the site you mentioned. I am always interested in learning something new. Look forward to hearing from you.
  • I'm a full supporter of Mr. Naoki Shiomi's "Half-Farmer, Half-X" lifestyle. More details available at http://tinyurl.com/adshyn
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