Denver Colorado USA, Delhi India, Europe


Nighthawk Circle, Louisville, Colorado USA

Food Growing Skill Level


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  • Thanks Les. I'm still having fun with it 10 months on. Thanks for your support.
  • Please stop by Front Range Colorado!
  • Got snow? Okay so I am tired of it. Snow means free water I understand that but I am desperate to start diggin.!
  • No probs Les. I thought you may have had super ning powers!!
  • Question Les. How would you have banned the spammer?
  • Thanks Les. I've handled it. She's gone.
  • The time stamp on that last comment says 7:39am when it's actually 9:09am
  • Hi Les, how would you be placed for a skype conversation with Pete and I at 8:00am NZ time tomorrow (our Wed). About 23 hours from when this message went out (which I note is not offering an accurate time stamp from this side of the world.)
  • Hi Les, let's skype conference call (you me and Pete) after the weekend opening event. It's madness at the moment, of the best kind :-)

    I wonder if the pace of growth and activity online and at the store are reflecting and building on each other. If we keep this up we will have world domination in no time...
  • new skype is pete.ohmpo
This reply was deleted.