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My garden is fairly small due to not enough hours in the day to do everything ! I mainly use pots and plant bee food as I have 2 hives at home, one being an ordinary Langstroth and the other my pride and joy - a TopBar hive - both full of busy bees !!

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  • Hi Marcia,

    I was at the waiheke tbh workshop, and have built a hive and am ready to get bees! Do you have any ideas about where i can get a swarm from? I have contacted the Auckland bee keepers club but they have a lot of swarm wanters so...

    Thank you so much for doing the workshop, its given me lots of motivation to keep bees!

  • Hi Marcia,

    Further to our discussion/messages earlier in the month, it now looks as though I will not be available for a TB course until later in the year - November at the earliest. I'll make contact with you then and take it from there. Our house can probably still be used for a venue then also if you want.

  • Hi Marcia, what sort of numbers would you need to make it viable for you?
  • Tried to send you another email with the new address and it come back as undeliverable. here is my email address. jfreewalker@adhb.govt.nz perhaps if you email me l can reply. Cheers
  • Hi Marcia, l just tried to email you but there must be something wrong with the address you put on Ooooby. l would be keen to come but where you are may make a difference if l have to come on my own.
  • Denise and l would be keen to come down and look at your hive. l don't know whether Angie would be interested in coming too. lf you had any time free over Easter weekend we could come down but probably not the Friday.
  • Hi the best person to contact re wool carder bees is jo, details in the info.
    I am just passing the link on, I have had them on my basil, they are pretty little things!

    I like the idea of top bar hives and know Jenny Freewalker who is trying to set up a topbar hive. Recently joined the Auckland bee keepers but they dont seem to know anything about top bar hives.

    I love bees but wont have a hive on our little property as my dad is very allergic. But am hoping to go in with Jenny on her hive.

  • Hi Marcia, l have spoken to you before about 3 of us building a top bar hive mainly to help the bees. l have put forward a suggestion about meeting with you somewhere just today to the other two people. Also l am going up to Shelley Beach Farm on Saturday and l believe that they have some top bar hives there. We are having trouble getting started because we were hoping to build on because of the cost of buying but none of us are proficient builders and we has sort of stalled. So your posting is very timely. Ifor one will be keen to join a group as l am a real novice when it comes to bees.
  • Hi Jenny,I would be very keen to come up and talk about TopBar hives and keeping bees the natural way - would you beable to organise it or would it be better for me to get in touch wuth Therese and work things out with her ?
    My TB is doing amazingly well considering it was a small swarm Xmas Eve, I lost all the bees from the first swarm to fly spray usage on the neighbours` garden - they all died within a week, I was devastated. . Within a month this lot of bees had made 4 deep combs full of honey and brood, it just goes to show, left to their own devices they will do very well with the right conditions.
  • Hi Marcia, it would be great if you can get up there and speak to Therese Mangos. She is employed at the centre and also is part of the Bio Dynamic garden group. l was in contact with you before Christmas about a bee workshop. Unfortunately am not available that day but my small garden, which is very much a work in progress, is going to be part of the garden tour. 3 of us from the Ooooby bee group are hoping to get a top bar hive set up in the not too distant future. We are very much novices.
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