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  • yeh Lise how exciting for you guys! understandable that gardening miGht be by the way side in the meantime. hope you have a good summer! xx
  • Ello me lovely, how does you garden grow?
    Ive now been in Gizzy since June and love it here. It seems a great place to learn how to grow your own veg, the great weather is so abundant.
    Did you manage to overcome your tomato problem? Mine started getting white-like moldy patches on the stem, but im not sure if that was just because it got a lil cold and damp when I first got it? Either way it still seems to be going strong.
    Hope your enjoying the beginning of summer* Bridge : )>
  • Hi Lisa,

    You left a comment for me months ago and I never replied, how rude! I hope your gardening is going well. We are doing battle with this new pest, the Tomato psyllid, its a real pain. I hope you arent suffering from it. Anyway good luck for the season!

  • hi Lise, Is everything alright you have been quiet, online ?
  • Hi New Friends, Whats your favourite childhood memorie in the garden? or your favourite plant? What grow best for you this year?
  • Hey Lise, sorry im not a big internet user at the best of times. takes me ages to reply back and its almost been a month since you sent that message! yes! it is gisborne and the weather up there is beautiful! very hot and sunny : ) where in the world are you from lise? re you living in wellington aswell??
  • Lise, How do we become 'friends ' on Ooooby? I can't seem to find a tab where I can 'invite ' you.
  • That is SO COOL! She told us she'd be on but we have to wait for the video later. Hope she did well...??? (did she?)
  • Hi! Lisa, I"m really glad you wrote. I am very familair with the montesori school in Falmouth, and have a good friend who works there. I'll ask her about your friend. What took you to NZ? My husbands and my daughter (my step- technically) moved to Aukalnd two years ago and is looking likee she is staying! I will attach an article about her here (sorry its pretty long) maybe you two could cross paths. I'll copy it here and you can let me know what you think - or if maybe you'd already heard about it?

    A community growing together
    Rising food and fuel prices coupled with the global economic crisis is making it difficult for the average Kiwi to get their recommended "5-plus a day" dose of fresh fruit and veges.

    Of course in the good old days a lot of people grew their own produce in the backyard but in the 21st century there are plenty of horticultural-challenged people who don't have a clue where to start.

    But help is at hand in Waitakere, where community gardens are popping up across the city.

    While not involved in the day to day running of these gardens the Waitakere City Council has assisted by making land available to establish the gardens in Ranui and Oratia.

    Recognising the benefits of growing your own produce has on the wallet, the environment and people's health, the council has also entered in to a partnership with the Eco Matters Trust, which has appointed a community garden facilitator.

    Brooke Walker has been in the role for about five weeks and her job is to gather information about the various community and neighbourhood gardens in the city and to coordinate the activities of those wanting to develop their own edible gardens.

    "There is a lot of knowledge and skill out there that a lot more people could tap in to and eventually it would be good to see a lot more gardens established," says Brooke.

    The EcoMatters Trust has its own community garden at its headquarters e at 1 Olympic Place and there are several other gardens throughout the city.

    Oratia Edible Garden - Millbrook Esplanade, Millbrook Rd
    This site has 18 plots which are tended to by a mixture of family and community groups.

    It's coordinator is Jon Morgan, a man affectionately known as Green Jon, who says the garden is about sharing knowledge and a love of the environment.

    "Our objective is for people to grow their own produce but also for them learn the skills and knowledge needed to eventually set up their own garden at home. While it's early days yet I am really pleased with how the garden is developing.

    Jon says as well as individual "plots" within the garden, there is a border full of silverbeet which anyone can help themselves to.

    Ranui Community Garden - Marinich Reserve, Marinich Drive, Ranui
    Run by the community-based Ranui Action Project, this garden is run along similar lines others and already has a waiting list for those wanting plots.

    "We have a mix of school, community and whänau groups taking plots," says Community Garden coordinator Emma Cohen.

    "A part from the obvious financial benefits of growing their own produce we have a real education focus at the garden through running workshops on a variety of topics including growing organically and how to make your own compost."

    Gardeners also receive a regular newsletter with upcoming events, planting guides and recipes.

    Both Jon and Emma say the current economic climate make it a perfect time for people to think about establishing a garden.

    "We saw a definite peak in interest when the fuel prices started shooting up," says Jon.

    Oratia Edible Garden
    Jon Morgan (Green Jon), Project Twin Streams Oratia Coordinator
    09 838 4820 or email: Oratia@mphs.org.nz
    Ranui Community Garden
    Coordinator Emma Cohen
    Phone: 09 832 6049 or communitygarden@ranui.org.nz
    Community Gardening Facilitator
    Brooke Walker
    09 826 4276 or brooke@ecomatters.org.nz

    Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail
  • Yep will protect from frost and the butterflies or whatever is eating them :)
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