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My garden is a work in progress, having just moved into a new property. I am thinking about having a few chickens but have to find out more about their keep before committing myself and them ;-). Meanwhile I love growing vege's, fruit and herbs and keeping everything organic.

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  • Welcome to the Self Sufficiency group!
  • Hi Silja Look forward to you contacting me on your return from Stewart Island. We had a good day of rain in the last couple of days so should help your garden.
  • Hi Silja I have just joined this ooooby.Am very excited with it.I have chickens veges fruit etc trying to be spray free as much as possible.So could help you with information on the hens.Gardening buddy would be good.
  • Hi Silja, I'd love some borage seedlings if you still have spare - I've never seen a white flowering version. Let me know and I'll come and collect it from you. What would you like in exchange?
  • Thanks Hester. I am pretty sure that I will try to take whatever I can with me (soil and plants) while at the same time making sure that the property still looks nice for the next person moving in. Growing my own compost is something I started recently but it wil take a while until I have enough compost to replace buying soil. And that even though my worms have been busy for nearly a year now. Raised beds require a lot of soil even when adding shredded paper and such like. Never mind I'll get there.
  • I imagine you could take your soil with you, in big compost bags, if you are using raised beds
  • It was a long time ago. I certainly missed the soil I had.( I was lucky because it was amazing soil that didn't need much help at all. The next property had exhausted soil and needed a lot of work. I took things with me in pots and dug up what I could move that belonged to me, as the house was going to be demolished. The good part was having a new garden to work on and I've found that is always the saving grace. Maybe you can try and keep what you do that is not transportabe as low cost as possible-see if you can make compost rather that buy it, for example.
  • Hi Silja-Wecome to Ooooby. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Your garden sounds interesting. I had a rented garden once-it was my first serious garden.
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