Food forests and forest gardens are promoted through permaculture . This forum is for those who are growing or would like to grow one in their property.

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  • We have been too busy down here to spend much time on the computer but  intend to do a weekly comment about what we are up to to keep this forum more alive. This you tube clip has had over 400,000 views in a year and is attracting a lot of people wanting to come and have an educational tour of our Forest garden.  We post up 3 opportunities each week on Bookwhen website working in with times to suit far of travellers.

    Filmed spring 2016 - 20 minutes of our forest garden with some great drone footage

  • Absolutely wonderful to see your forest garden Robyn. very inspiring :)

  • Filmed autumn 2016  - 8 minutes of our forest garden this season

  • Hi- really enjoyed the Country Calendar program- it is great to see food forest information in the main stream media. Plus your place looks great! 

    Thanks Robyn!


    Features our food forest!

  • Hi everyone, I have just purchased a half acre with a house on the edge of Hamilton. I heard about food forests from a friend and have been hunting down information for the last couple of weeks.  The area where I would like to plant my food forest is a south facing slope with a flat area at the bottom next to a ditch (apparently the flat area does flood sometimes in winter). What I would like to know is, will a 'U' shapped shelter belt, open to the north, still work on a site like this? And if not, does anyone have any reccomendations?

  • Would you like your Food Forest to be included on a map charting the different projects up & down New Zealand? Please follow the instructions through the link...

  • Events this week in Southland about relocalising food:

    The Hawea Flat Domain Food Forest project is now seeking $1,160 to buy the plants for the first 700m² cluster.
    Please spread the word.

  • I was wondering if I might find you here Andy :-)  Spreading the word and the knowledge. Thank you!

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Cow Parsley

Hello everyone,  I live and grow in Taumarunui and was wondering if anyone knew where to get cow parsley seeds.  I have scrolled through sites that I thought may have them but I guess they class it as a weed!!!  I have never seen it on our roadsides or wasteland around here and think maybe it is affected by frost.  If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.  I want to add it to my food forest.  Many thanks.

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Barrier plants.

I've been looking at barrier plants, with the idea of 'fencing' off our future food forest area from kikuyu invasion. Came across Vetiver (… ) which sounds amazing, might have to give that a go, though to do the whole perimeter at the recommended 5 plants per meter could be costly unless I get a handful & then get cuttings for the rest. Would be nice to use some natives as well if possible, perhaps Toetoe? Anyone have some experience or…

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How big? (m2/year/middle_aged_person)

We're looking at turning an area of grass and gum trees into a food forest. Many books say starting too big is a common problem ("design big, start small"). Does anyone have any war stories to pass on ("We started with xxxm2 and it was too much / wish we'd been more ambitious")?  This is for a middle-aged couple working full time in the city, living on 1Ha in Kirwee (west of Christchurch).

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Food Forests - The Future of Gardening

I'm doing a talk on food forests at the Edible Garden Show this Saturday at 11am , and on Beyond Companion Planting (ie guilds, ie food forests by another name!!) on Friday at 11am. I'll also have our plant stall there both days.  The show is at the Hawkes Bay Showgrounds 10-5 friday 25th and saturday 26th october. See the advert for it and click to buy tickets on our website

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