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Bilberry 3 Replies

Can you grow Bilberry in NZ and if you can does  anyone know where you can but the plant?

Started by Caroline Wilkinson. Last reply by Paul Zielinski Jul 31, 2017.

Broccoli Heads 1 Reply

Hi, the last couple of times we planted broccoli the heads spreaded and flowered instead of staying the shape you normally see.What can be done to make them grow properly?ThanksContinue

Started by Nicolas Santini. Last reply by Kali Jan 31, 2016.

Asparagus crowns 9 Replies

Hey everyone,Could someone tell me what time of year you can get asparagus crowns and where from? I had little success from seed last year and want to make up some time and get crowns planted this…Continue

Started by Laine. Last reply by Ingrid Ennis Jan 6, 2016.

Borer in persimmon tree

The top half of one of my persimmon trees snapped off over the weekend due to some evil little borer or similar that had been munching away inside. Any tips on how to save the rest of the tree (now…Continue

Started by Karen Swainson Nov 16, 2015.


Hi Does anyone know where I can find seed in NZ for these squash?GaryContinue

Started by Gary Burgess Nov 7, 2015.

Growing veggies in containers 10 Replies

I have never grown veggies in little containers before but I am planning on upcycling some of my tin cans for this purpose (I currently use cans for all sorts of other uses such as candles, pen…Continue

Started by Vickie. Last reply by Julie Smith Sep 23, 2015.

Harvesting Bananas 8 Replies

We have a bunch of bananas on our plant. The ones at the top are quite fat, but lower down the bunch they are smaller. Would it work if we cut some of the top ones to ripen inside and left the lower…Continue

Tags: harvesting, bananas

Started by Hester. Last reply by TK Jun 12, 2015.

Oxalis Garden Bed...

Ok, I have decided to try again with a garden bed that is filled with Oxalis. I have tried digging out the soil and filling with fresh compost a couple of times over the last few years but it comes…Continue

Started by Charlotte Oct 30, 2014.

Asparagus from seed 6 Replies

Does anyone have experience with growing asparagus from seed. I planted them 4 weeks ago, have kept them moist and warm in a greenhouse, but thus far have one 1cm sprout. I was about to empty the…Continue

Started by Laine. Last reply by Laine Dec 21, 2013.

Comfrey root - how small can I cut it up? 5 Replies

Just received a pack of comfrey root in the post from Koanaga and will pot it up this weekend. I was thinking of cutting up the pieces so they are about 1cm long each. Does that sound big enough for…Continue

Started by Laine. Last reply by Shona Cullen Sep 6, 2013.

What is the best low cost Mulch 20 Replies

Any recomendations? Pea straw is expensive. How about shredded paper? Will this rot down quickly enough? It is for my veg bed and eventually I want to be able to dig it in. Why is pea straw so…Continue

Started by Samantha Freeman. Last reply by Tammi Jun 30, 2013.

about broad beans 5 Replies

I sowed broad beans this March (As I ususally do).  They usually grow slowly during winter for me and I get an early crop in spring.  This year they are already flowering!! So ... I do not know…Continue

Started by Luisa Beltran Castillon. Last reply by Rex Morris Jun 25, 2013.

Possums 1 Reply

Kia ora,What ways does everyone recommend keeping possums off newly planted fruit trees? I will be trapping, but am interest in what methods and/or products people use to stop them climbing up onto…Continue

Started by Laine. Last reply by Maree W Jun 3, 2013.

Grapes and Kiwifruit

Hi Everyone,I have some grape and kiwifruit plants being delivered soon and I need to get the fencing up. I have purchased all the materials, but would like some advice on some details.For grapes,…Continue

Started by Laine Jun 2, 2013.

Red and blackcurrant cuttings - plant now? 4 Replies

I have currant cuttings that I stuck into small pots in summer.They have sprouted a few health leaves each now. See pix attached.Is it okay to put them in the ground in autumn? Will planting them…Continue

Started by Lay. Last reply by Lay May 27, 2013.

What fruiting plants like wet feet? 5 Replies

Hi all,I am designing a food forest  and have an area that will be quite damp in winter. The ground is reasonable free draining, and I will add a small surface drain with pebbles in it, but it is the…Continue

Started by Laine. Last reply by Laine May 15, 2013.

Growing figs in containers 11 Replies

Does anyone have advice on:- how big a container I should plant a fig in if I want a fairly good tree, but to limit the root growth?- What sort of containers can be recycled for this use?- how big…Continue

Started by Laine. Last reply by Julia Sich May 7, 2013.

Tree collards 8 Replies

Hi, just wanting to know if anybody in NZ is growing/supplying tree collards which apparently are difficult to grow from seed, mainly sold as cuttings, and produce greens all year round.Continue

Started by Hayden Cowper. Last reply by Henry Rocoto May 3, 2013.

Where can I get elderberry trees? 39 Replies

I know they grow from cuttings and by suckering- but where can i GET these? I am happy to buy and to pay all costs etc in order to procure a dozencuttings...

Started by Teeli. Last reply by Teeli Mar 7, 2013.

Help! Birds are getting my elderberries! 9 Replies

I love having birds in my garden- I don't use chemicals of any kind in order to encourage the wildlife... and I don't mind sharing my fruit and vegetables with the do i get to keep…Continue

Started by Teeli. Last reply by Teeli Jan 28, 2013.

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Comment by josephal on January 23, 2011 at 10:05pm
Lisa re: maori potato, havent dug mine up yet, my mother has grown them before and she told me to dig them up late at the end of summer when the tops have died.
Comment by moggy on January 23, 2011 at 7:34pm
also reember that it is a well know fact that all potatoes have legs, in particular these little purple ones.
Comment by Penny Guy on January 23, 2011 at 5:42pm

The Maori potatoes I grow (little purple ones) need a very long growing season. I don't touch mine till the foliage has completely died.

Comment by Lisa L on January 23, 2011 at 4:43pm
Have had some great jersey bennie potatoes and went to dig up some maori potatoes and there was nothing there! not even any littlies, lots or stalks and leaves and flowers. But nothing anyone had this problem before? was thinking I will just mound them up more can't get any worse!
Comment by moggy on January 15, 2011 at 11:40am


how do you get rig of earwigs, they are devastating my crops in the tunnel house. I grow hydroponically which is likely to make a difference

Comment by Pete Russell on December 11, 2010 at 12:50pm

If you can't find what you're looking for in the discussion forums, ask a question here and someone may come back to you with an answer or to point you to the right discussion.  Have fun.


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