tips and tricks for worming chickens

Every month or so I put a clove of raw garlic in the chickens drinking water and a splash of cider vinegar. This is a natural organic drench for worms. I empty and provide clean water after about 48 hours. Has anybody got any other ideas to worm chickens??

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  • Hmm, this won't be helpful, but I had heard/read somewhere that putting cider vinegar in chookens' drinking water was good for them, so my lot have it almost always, since they went out in the run. It was coccidiosis (spelling wrong, but you know what I mean) that I was concerned about. It doesn't seem to have hurt them... the vinegar water I mean. How do you know if hens have worms?
  • This is good, even more effective if you do it on the 2 days leading up to the full moon and the day of the full moon (for those who have an interest in luna(tic) gardening).

    At the workshop I went to Paul boils milk with garlic and chill at night and then lets it sit overnight before rewarming it and making it into a mash for the chickens, he does this daily but says you can also do this monthly as well.

    Organic cider vinegar with the culture still in it is the one for general wellbeing. We give it to our horses and goats as well. :;0)
  • Can I ask, do you smash the garlic up to release the oils or just put it in whole?
  • I believe Cider Vinegar is good for everything... guinea pigs included!
  • Thanks for the tip. I'm hoping that it keeps the mites and lice away from my lot too.
    I wonder if it will work on my guinea pigs too?????
  • we do the same and it seems to keep the lice and mites away too - a natural booster perhaps? I have made cider vinegar tea with honey for myself too and thats ok, so long as theres lots of honey! Coffee tastes better tho...
  • Thanks for the tip -I had heard that before about garlic but not the cider vinegar - will try it out :-)
  • Apparently it purges your insides and stablises your pH to help normal gut flora to return. You should try some on your weetbix, might do you good!! He He
  • Cider Vinegar?? Is the result "Pickled Chickens" ?? ;-))
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