What's in a chicken's name???

Hi chook lovers,

Just for a laugh, I'm just interested to know what inspired you in naming your chicken/s . I'm sure there are creative minds out there.


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  • I'm a bit behind the 8 ball, but decided I wanted to join in on the fun anyway! :-)  Originally we had four Brown Shavers.  I remember driving back from picking them up (all four could fit in one cat cage!) and my daughter and I were trying to think up names in groups of four and having fits of hysterics about the things we were dreaming up (shame I didn't write them down at the time!).  We ended up with Lily (because she was more white then brown), and Rosebud, Pumpkin and Peanut (the names all said "reddish brown" to us haha).  Only Lily is still with me (she's five now) and we bought another one to keep her company and my daughter (who is 18) insisted on calling her Buttercup!  That says "cow" to me and I, personally, was rooting for Poppy but I guess that will have to be the next one!  Luckily they both come to "chick, chick, chick" ;-)  P.S. an old flatmate of mine always referred to them as the KFC girls!

  • When my community first got chickens the children who live in the community wanted to name them and so they thought up heaps of names but couldn't agree. As a way of helping them and getting all the adults involved in the new chickens, I got the kids to conduct a survey of everyone's preferences. They had a great time talking to everyone and tallying up the results. So our chickens were named things like Bing and Daisy. Later kids named some of the Silver Laced Wyandottes: Chantilly, Venetia, and so on. Do you get it? Names of laces. As the children got older and/or lost interest a bit, younger children became interested and the next little girl who loves the chickens gave the newer ones names. I haven't pushed the naming thing because I am aware that the day will come when some may have to be despatched, and having names, like pets, will make that harder.

    • It's very interesting how chickens can bring a community together, I think its very cool. The lace names are pretty clever for the SL Wyandottes. I called my little chick, Wayan as I pretended he was Balinese. Thanks for the comment, Barbara.

  • The neighbours kids named their black orpington Darth Vader. I love it. Their chooks free-range down our road, I love saying I saw Darth Vader down my road today :)

    • I love it too, Kirsten. Great scifi name, it sure is out of this world not like my earthy black orp's name, Blacky. Thanks muchly!

  • Miranda and Emily after 'The devil wears Prada' with Miranda Priestly and her hapless assistant Emily ;-) Miranda has mellowed a lot with age, but still rules with a firm hand over timid, slightly neurotic Emily.

    • Trendy names for trendy chooks!!! Thanks Hanna.

  • Our first 2 were called Polly and Dolly. Mostly because one was bigger and blowsy and reminded my wife of Dolly Parton, so Polly had to rhyme. I called them Flit and Snitch because Polly (Flit) could fly over the fence around their run and Dolly could not, she would just stand on the top of their compost heap and yell about how she had been left behind.

    • I love that blowsy bit, it sure is our Dolly, thanks Earl!

  • Daisy and Rosie...named by my 5 year old who loves flowers
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