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Surplus beef or sheep?

Fifteen or so years ago I had ten acres just south of Auckland, and although the property was not certified, things were pretty much organic. I raised a few beefies (had two cows which provided milk for the house and then suckled calves) and sheep.


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rabbit recipe

Braised rabbit

one jointed rabbit (saddle and hind legs)
head of garlic
dozen pickling onions or shallots
dry white wine
bay leaves, thyme
freshly ground pepper
olive oil

marinate rabbit overnight with peeled garlic cloves and rest of the ingredients exc

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Philosophy of ham

Just interested as to what you all think about how and what we eat...

If you eat chicken every week for a year, do you think you still would if they were raised, killed and processed by you?
I think rampant consumerism has changed the way we consume m

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