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  • I call you tomorrow!!!

    I just saw the note.

    I guess is a little bit late.

  • Hi

    I am looking for people to interview on sustainable backyard meat production. If you can help please ph me on 09 4422513



  • Hi all : Before, & after photos of our smoked wild venison and pork salamis. Cold smoked, with Pohutakawa, for 2 hours, then hot smoked, until internal temp. was correct. 9kg, very tasty !


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  • 30Day sustainable challenge


    Pass it on!

  • Hi Fi is there any plants you would like to swap for your lovely birds??
  • Hi guys,what are your pheasant hanging tips,guts in or out,how long etc we are over run with them!!We dont have any possoms on Waiheke but where we live i have a real peacock,rabbit,and pheasant problem.We eat the peahens(just like chicken) and rabbits but havent cracked the art of pheasant hanging,thanks Fi
  • Yum , Hi all , would love to get a pheasant or rabbit anytime . Possums sounds interesting but all this talk of 1080 drops could be doggy.
    Cold winter nights with rich red wine based sauces fire going ....
    sounds fantastic
  • pheasant for dinner last night again - a birthday dinner party for 9 and everyone was most impressed. My butchering skills (taking the breast from the bone) need some work though! Still the frames made a fabulous pheasant soup today so none of the meat I left behind was wasted :-). thanks again Kev, anytime you have pheasant just give us a call!
  • Hi all. I have done a lot of hunting and fishing. I think that possums are widely overlooked as an excellent source of meat. I've eaten dozens of them. There are a couple of glands located at the base of the tail containing a sticky white goo that should be carefully removed so that the meat isn't tainted by them. The meat is often tender, and can be almost bland .... or maybe taste like a cross between rabbit and chicken. I'd be happy to write some more about how I catch and prepare possums but being new to the group I might need somebody to point me to the correct place where I can write at length and maybe post some pictures. Best wishes from Nelson.
  • haha, helps having a hunting lodge at work ;P -pheasants are super easy to deal to, hopefully get a couple this weekend and do a step by step with photos. Probably could do a bird in a couple of minutes but much prefer to take my time and go for quality. Possibly doing a lamb this weekend to so that will be the next photo essay...
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Surplus beef or sheep?

Fifteen or so years ago I had ten acres just south of Auckland, and although the property was not certified, things were pretty much organic. I raised a few beefies (had two cows which provided milk for the house and then suckled calves) and sheep. Rather than sending any surplus off to the works, I would advertise them in Trade & Exchange, and then the people would buy them live and arrange for them to go to the local home kill -  so no laws were broken and we all got what we wanted. For me, I…

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Splitting a Carcass in Half down the Back Bone.

I seldom bother with splitting a carcass through the backbone.   If I've shot something in the scrub I am generally reluctant to carry more than I have to so I generally just cut all the meat off the skeleton.  However if I want chops, for instance, then I might split the backbone. An expert can make a fairly good job of this with a cleaver.   I believe that a heavy, sharp cleaver is best.   I would use the portion of the blade closest to the handle to chop with, and just raise it a short…

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