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  • Hi folks, I'm a newby here at Ooooby. Rialto on SKYtv has very interesting documentaries on bees, slow food production, heritage seed saving, traditional farming method...etc for this  February month.  I've watched 2 so far...

  • I'll third the Linda Woodrow book 'The Earth User's Guide to Permaculture'... it began me on this wonderful path!

  • Anyone going to the Permaculture Convergenge in Turangi and wishes to share a ride from Auckland or accommodation please contact me through this site.

  • Resilience by Design

     11th Australasian Permaculture Convergence (APC11)

     Wed 11th to Sun 15th April 2012

    Turangi, Central North Island, New Zealand


    First time in New Zealand for the Australasian Convergence. We are planning an awesome event- don't miss it!

    Experienced practitioners, Inspiring speakers, Practical ideas,  Excellent networking, Whole systems and small details, Diverse participants, Cultural exchange, Transition examples, Hands-on workshops..... and more.

    Speaker includeBill MollisonNicole FossBernard Lietaer (by video link) Charles Eisenstein, Darren Doherty, and lots of other experienced and practical people2170544151?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • I can't remember where the discussion was about shelter trees, but I found a good starting point on the Permaculture NZ website:


  • I'm wanting  a small bag of animal poo, about  shopping bag full, or if anyone knows of anywhere out West that I can buy a sack/bag of horse poo. They seem to have disappeared from the places i normally go....Happy to pay or swap jam/ chutney.

  • Hi Mariana,

    Permie culture is something that I know of, but practically not do. I think that the more its done, and shared, the more people can learn and do. Do it and it will grow :)

  • check out the workshop at the new brighton community gardens tomorrow (thursday) 10-12 brought to you by

    this workshop is FREE and what better place to learn? the only place in canterbury!

  • I have planted a whole bunch of peppermint geraniums - they smell wonderful when you brush against them, and of course you can also lay them at the bottom of a tin when you bake a chocolate cake - and the flavour infuses through the cake...

    they also fend off the dreaded codling moth, or so I'm told.


    If I wasn't so frightened of geese, I'd have them all through the orchard... might have to just get busy and start

  • oops - 'codling moth'
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Organic status of composting newspaper & cardboard

One way of recycling newspaper and cardboard is to compost it. This is recommended in the UK by the Centre for Alternative Technology, who did a lot of experimentation on organic composting methods. In the UK, however, newspapers are printed with non-toxic vegetable-based inks. Being as we're forward thinking (and nuclear free) here in NZ, I'm hoping newspaper and cardboard are free from nasty additives here, too. Anyone know anything about this? Pete.

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