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  • thanks Lynn its just one of those questions thats bgged me as everything is seasonally reversed in the northern hemesphere.
  • Not sure what you mean, Tony. The moon calendars I have deal with when to plant what, as in 'root crops' and 'above ground crops', when to apply manures, when to cultivate, when is the 'barren' period etc...and hemisphere doesn't matter. With the full moon today, now until and including 27th is the time to cultivate only, as anything planted now would have very quick germination and spindly growth - not good for a healthy strong plant.

  • Im just wundering if hemisphere counts in the moon calendars as the northern ones would be all backward for us.


  • Hi guys, I just got my mushroom in a box kit and spawns ready. Am interested to find out what is the best moon phase to activate them? Moon in flower/fruit/seed constellation (as mushrooms are like flowers as to a plant) in descending period (growth happens under the earth)? or full moon?

  • 30 Day sustainable challenge


    Pass it on and do it!

  • I have started using the moon calendar I found on NZ gardener web site. You can print it off, cut out and put on the wall. very helpful to refer to month by month.

  • http://www.moongrow.com/zodiac_sign_gardening/zodiac_gardening_basi...  

    This site sums it up pretty well, what to do when.  It has a phases of the moon chart for 2011 but that doesn't have signs attached.  Learning the astrological symbols and having a calender with the movements plotted is optimal.   I am hoping the rain will clear for a great day in the garden tomorrow with the moon in Capricorn.


  • Thanks Jude,

    I hadn't checked with my charts when I posted last, am just excited to get into the spreading of my delivery, will be waiting a little longer now 

  • Lynda While the new moon is Wednesday, the moon will be in Libra then.  Today and tomorrow the moon is in Virgo.  As an astrologer I would think that an almost new moon in Virgo (earth service the best sign for gardening) would be far better than a new moon in Libra (air) or else wait three days for moon in Scorpio (water).
  • Today, I ready for Rest day tomorrow, but just had a truck load of spent mark delivered, its gonna trouble me not to get out and put it to use til Wednesday, this stuff is gold for new beds! I will wait til Wednesday tho, create the new in the new Moon! 
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Ascending/Descending, Waxing/Waning

Hi, I have a question after studying my "Gardening by the Moon" Calendar.  When the moon is Descending the sap is flowing downward, when the moon is waning the sap is flowing downward, but what is the sap doing when the moon is Descending but waxing? Is the sap flowing downwards or upwards?  Thanks for any clues to this query :-)

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Which is more important, sowing the seed or transplanting?

In terms of moon planting, which do people think is more important, sowing and germination, or transplanting to the garden. I'm thinking of instances where these might not be four weeks apart - either because the seedlings grow very fast, or too slow (but where two cycles is too long). Today I planted out some silverbeet, despite it not being optimal for leef crops, because it wasn't going to survive in its pottles much longer. (I had bought them at our farmers market, so have no idea when…

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Progress Report

So far everything planted by the moon phases is germinating and growing well. The only failures I've had have been from old seed that I was checking for life (usually none) and tricky seed like echinacea and double impatiens. I think I sowed these out of season.Temperature and light exposure have an influence too. I'm leaning more towards using the Synodic system because it seems simpler. I've decided to sow outside the recommended times if it is something I want to get started before it gets…

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What is your experience of planting by the moon.

I've been experimenting lately but I find the conflicting information confusing. I guess the upside of that is I can choose which version I prefer. I haven't had any plants that have gone right through their life cycle from a deliberate moon phase based planting yet so I don't have anything to report about sucesses and failures. I'd like to know about other peoples experiences. I have found a webpage I like, that has a daily calendar showing 3 different moon planting systems. It's at…

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