Hi Titirangi Ooooby group

I want to get some experience looking after bees (and honey).

In Auckland beez things provide two hives for $400 per annum. For that you get 15 kg of honey. If ten of us pool that is $40 for 1.5kg of our own local honey.


I haven't though through all the ins and outs such as:

- Where would we put it? Somewhere near to Glen Eden station would suit me.
- What are the council bylaws around here for bees (which would influence the above). I'm not experienced enough to have them at our place with neighbours quite close by.

Is anyone interested in putting in $40pa for 1.5 kg of honey?

Does anyone have a suitable property for two beehives?


Matt Nooooby

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I would be interested in theory but have no experience in beekeeping. What type of property would be suitable?
Hi Margareet

I will keep a record that you are potentially interested. There are three others interested from the Waitekere Ooooby group.

I think the suitable property site would need to be at least 20 meters from any neighbouring houses. Do you know of a potential site?

Thanks everyone for your interest. I have found someone who has agreed to go halves in a few beehives on their property, which won't probably happen until around Christmas.
to get some hands on experience with bees you can join the auckland bee club, running out of unitec:


I just got the buzzz, eventually it would be great to have a Titirangi community hive/honey co-op we can all learn from. I have land but not sure yet if there is enough morning sun for a happy hive.

Margreet de Vries said:
I would be interested in theory but have no experience in beekeeping. What type of property would be suitable?

Did you ever get around to sharing a hive or two? I'm interested, Matt.


No I havn't got round to it yet Brian. Got anything in mind? I understand the Luncinda place orchard is allowed some bees. ust need the equipment and expertise now.

Hiya Matt,

The orchard won't be going ahead with the bees, objections from one of the neighbours, so we can't do it. There is someone in GE from GETT link who has experience in looking after bees & might be interested i sharing. Email me Matt? I'm on the GETT email list.


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