Discussions as a way to keep our comments sorted

I think if we were to use 'Discussions' as a way to start a subject and then if we were to put our replies and comments related to the subject in the Discussion area then we'll make it weasier for each of us to find relevant info (such as dates and times, and so on) and if we leave the discussion there (please do not delete them) we'll build up an archive that we can re-read and even add relevant comments. As an example look at how this group uses discussions: https://ooooby.ning.com/group/gardeningquestionsandadvice The alternative seems to be to put all our postings on all subjects into a single 'Comments' place, which I find makes it difficult to follow a thread. Am I alone in wanting this? I know I'm new here, hey I might as well stick my beak in! I wanted to follow up on a couple of recent planting projects happening here but with the discussion groups apparently deleted there's now no place to put evaluations and on-going discussion on those past events.

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  • I think this is a good idea, and I might test it out with a thread about the Waitakere New Energy Fare.
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