Hi Waitakere Ooooby group I want to get some experience looking after bees (and honey). In Auckland beez things provide two hives for $400 per annum. For that you get 15 kg of honey. If ten of us pool that is $40 for 1.5kg of our own local honey. I haven't though through all the ins and outs such as: - Where would we put it? Somewhere near to Glen Eden station would suit me. - What are the council bylaws around here for bees (which would influence the above). I'm not experienced enough to have them at our place with neighbours quite close by. Is anyone interested in putting in $40pa for 1.5 kg of honey? Does anyone have a suitable property for two beehives? Thanks Matt Nooooby

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  • Thanks everyone for your interest. I have found someone who has agreed to go halves in a few beehives on their property, which won't probably happen until around Christmas.
  • Thanks Mark

    I'll record your interest in project Bees.


    Mark said:
    I am interested, living in Kelston.
  • I am interested, living in Kelston.
  • Thanks for that Daniel

    I am interested in going along to an Auckland Beekeepers Club day. From the website it looks like they are held on the first Saturday of every month.

    I will keep a record that:

    - Gayleed, you might be happy to pitch in for some local honey. And

    - Jenny, you are interested pending further discussion.

    Thats four of us already.

    My next action will be to gain a full understanding form the council of site requirements for beehives. I'll come back on that.

  • I could be interested in this but would need more information and discussion before I would be prepared to commit to anything. cheers,
  • bee Club Calendar of Events anyone interested?

    Listed below are key dates in the up coming hive of activity in ABC.
    Upcoming Events


    30 june

    The AGM will be held at Unitec on Tuesday

    30th of June

    The Programme will be sent out along with all paper work in due course.

    6th June Saturday

    10 am. until 2pm.

    Working Bee ,Equipment cleaning,shed tidy etc. Hive food stores check,Frame assembly-wiring, Discussion of hive setups,Q & A session

    Saturday 25th July.

    The Field Trip on Saturday

    25th of July

    We will be visiting Hort Research, Ruakura in the Waikato region
  • i am keen to put some $ in for a share of honey. Unfortunately no time to learn, though i am interested.
  • How much space do two bee hives take up?
    Auckland bee keepers club inc gave me a flyer with their details they are based out of the unitec campus i am interested in finding out and learning about bees too. they have three upcoming field days 6th june and the 4th of july, i think the lady i spoke to said if you join the club they set you up with a starter hive. maybe we could go together?
    Their website is website is pretty basic but it has contact details.
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