We're on our 5th ooooby box, and have upped our frequency from fortnightly to weekly. They are that good! 

Annalily van den Broeke mentioned them here in June:

"The OooobyBox (a weekly delivery to your door with locally grown fresh fruit & veges), is now Out West! So if you are interested, go to our website www.ooooby.org and sign up for you own infusion of feshness... I will personally deliver the boxes... another good reason? Best, Annalily"

Nicest of all you can alter the frequency easily, and suspend if you're away from home.

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I've sent a couple to a friend who has been sick, they are happy to do that as well, which is awesome!

Hey Brian,

I have an empty Ooooby box @ my place. Is it cool if I drop it over @ yours for the delivery woman to pick up & put back in circulation? I'm looking @ black leghorn chicken for the wee flock...Did you come & get some more grass? K

Hi Kirsty,

Sure, drop it off. We get the ooooby box every 2 weeks, not this week as it happens, but we'll put it out next week.

No I didn't come and get grass. I wouldn't do that without calling you. 

Let us know when you want to come, but remember we are busy making Xmas stock during the day. How about late afternoon some day? Call first! 8176816




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